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5 Best Destinations to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Choice of best countries to Study Abroad in 2020

Flexibility in subjects and lucrative career is two of the many factors influencing the decision about destinations to study abroad. These prospects continue to attract the Indian Students to venture to overseas shores. India ranks second in ranking in the number of registrations of students(QS World rankings report) seeking admissions abroad. The enrolments of the Indian students continue to rise over the years. According to a report by the US Department of Commerce, India sent more than 2 million students to the United States (Second largest number of International). Best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020 are Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany. There are other countries however besides the United States that have gained popularity amongst the Indian students.

Countries that Indian Students Prefer for Study

It has been observed that the number of Indian students going abroad to pursue higher education has been steadily increasing over the years. Indian students prefer to spend more on overseas education and the demand continues to soar with the years. We conducted a random survey from college students seeking their feedback about the various factors that influenced their decisions.

Factors on which students base their decision

1.Diversity in Culture
3.Widen Professional Network
4.Higher Quality Teaching
5.Better Career Prospects
6.Cost Of Study
7.Foster New Friendships

A number of factors influence a student decision and there are two factors that play a vital role. The student finally selects the institute based on the ranking but also now on the overall benefits package provided. These benefits include probable assistantships or scholarships, costs and future career growth. Thus candidate nowadays is choosing their destination on the basis of the future career prospects. An individual who seeks an overseas education has a desire back in his mind of being employed in the country following graduation. The reason is simple for it provides international exposure on a student’s resume and enables him for a better understanding of the course.

The final goal of most students is to explore career opportunities through securing a Permanent Residence in the country. The article seeks to discuss how the five International Study Destinations fare in terms of Tuition, Living and Accommodation Costs and the likelihood of securing a work visa post-graduation.

Best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020


The US University system continues to remain the most popular option for Indian Students. There are many students looking at exploring the various study options in the country Considered as one of the best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020, the demand continues to soar over the years.In spite of all the stringent policies, the Indian students consider the US as a trustworthy option for the presence of a number of reputed institutes. The courses most often considered by the Indian Students are Business, Medicine, Engineering, and Management.

Advantages of Pursuing  Studies From US

Let us explore the reasons for rating the United States as a popular destination for international students. Benefits of pursuing an American Education are manifold and include access to High-quality education(eg MIT, Yale, Harvard), Various Disciplines accompanied by scholarship options and getting a taste of an American Lifestyle. The United States has ample opportunities for students in the areas of Technology, Research and Medicine. There are more than half of the best universities are located in the USA. Getting enrolled in a US University is a blessing in disguise for an individual. The person not only seeks admission at an institute with high-quality education but also elevates the career prospects by leaps and bounds.

Even though the government has implemented stringent immigration policies, the US remains the best choice to study abroad for Indian Students. Precisely, half of the best universities in the world are located in the USA – Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, etc. The strong reputation of the American colleges is a boon as it immediately transforms you into an attractive candidate for future employers/companies. Besides the quality of education that you receive in these esteemed universities is in no comparison with others.


Canada has always been one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian Students in 2020 seeking admission to overseas Universities. According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the number of Indian students in the country grew by 40% in 2018. Canada’s Immigration policies have always continued to be welcoming to overseas students. The Express Entry system provides the candidates with additional points for Canadian Education which assist the candidate in being granted the PR for eligible graduate students. Considered as one of the world’s most progressive economies, it is the home to some of the leading institutions.

Advantages of Canada Degree

This is one of the reasons why the country boasts a rich diversity as people from the world over choose Canada as their education destination of choice. This is one of the reasons behind such a diverse culture of the country. Another advantage of a Canadian degree that the education credentials are globally recognized the world over. Students with a master’s degree from Canada have an option of a work permit after a tenure of 3 years.

The Introduction of SDS (Study Direct Stream) Program and Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) led to a significant increase in the number of Indian Students. Affordable tuition fees, Post-study work permits, & PR opportunities, helped Canada to create its niche as an overseas study destination. This has attracted hoards of international students from all over the world. The policies for immigration continue to impact the Canadian Education system thus making room to attract more overseas talent to its shores. Thus it is no surprise considering the above attributes that Canada has consistently been the most sought after International destination for a couple of years now.


China, India, the US, Hong Kong, and Malaysia are amongst the leading nationalities which are studying in the UK. Students from these countries make up a major chunk of International enrollments in the country. According to a report by the HE Provider, England is one of the best countries to study abroad. As per the report the majority of the International Students are enrolled in England followed by Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Some of the popular subjects are Business & Administrative studies, Engineering & Technology, Social Studies, Creative Arts and Design, Biological Sciences.

The majority of the students from India are enrolled for undergraduate and Post Graduate levels both. Another attractive reason for pursuing a degree in the UK is its 2-year work-study work permit option for the International Students which is likely to be enforced by the autumn of this year. There are 4 of the UK universities ranked in the top 10 of the QS world university ranking 2019 which makes the UK being one of the best countries to study abroad in 2020.


Australia is considered amongst the list of the third most preferred study destination by the Indian Students. The Australian Universities have registered an increased spike in enrollments over the last couple of years. World-Class education, multicultural environment, and a multitude of employment opportunities are available for International Students. Most of the Indian students are registered in the country’s popular cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra & more. Consistently ranked as one of the best countries to study abroad in 2020 by Indian students, the country is known for its spectacular attractions such as Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef and amazing Fauna. Australia is rated as one of the best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020 for a large Indian Community forms an integral part of the country.

Opportunities in Australia

Australia offers myriad study opportunities at its 1200 accredited institutions, which the students can choose from. The courses at various levels range from vocational education and training(VET) to Bachelors or Masters. Needless to say, Australian cities have consistently ranked high as the most livable and student-friendly cities in the world. Other benefits of studying in Australia are the attractive scholarships and Funding options available at many institutes. These assistantships not only helps to lift the burden from students but also encourage the deserving candidates. Tourism and Hospitality are the most preferred sectors that Indians chose which also comes in handy at a later stage helping them pick the careers.

Scholarships and Work-Study

Australia is also hailed as being one of the best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020 for its deemed scholarship programs. Scholarships also include government-funded options like Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) for bachelors, masters, PhD Similar to the UK, international students can avail of the option of post-study work right up to two years. For a Masters by Research Graduate, the work right is granted for three years, while PhD graduates can avail of work rights for up to four years.

All the courses are accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Names like The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland, Monash University, The University of Western Australia and The University of Adelaide consistently rank as the leading Australian Universities. as some of the high ranked Australian Universities (QS and THE world rankings).


Germany is a paradise when it comes to seeking higher education. There are a number of worldwide ranked institutions with many courses to choose from. The credentials from these institutes are accepted worldwide and only go on to augment your global employability. Currently ranked fifth with the lowest tuition fees if compared with all the previously listed countries. Germany not only boasts of a comparatively low fee structure but also an elite automotive industry which makes it ideal for the machinery sector. Germany ranks not only ranks in the automotive but also in the heavy machinery sector.

Advantages of Studying in Germany

One of the advantages is that the country doesn’t charge any tuition fee and has a high quality of education. Some of the universities don’t charge any Tuition Fee. Germany offers an 18-month post-study work permit to the students, however, the students need to demonstrate proficiency in German to secure the best jobs in the country. German Institutions have recognized the world over for the quality of education, hands-on experiences during their studies, opportunities to improve academically during and after studies and most importantly the safe and friendly environment. Owing to its free Tuition Germany consistently finds a place as one of the best countries to study abroad in 2020.

There is no doubt that the United States still is one of the best countries to study abroad by Indian Students in 2020 when it comes to the choice of International Universities. However owing to the current policies of the US government limiting the number of visas to the Indian students, most of the students are exploring other options. The article is an attempt of providing the students with an overview of 4 other countries on par with American education.

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