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6 Main Reasons of Refusal of Canadian Visa

CANADA VISA REJECTION – 6 Main Reasons for refusal of Canadian Visa

Canada Visa Rejection is one of upfront fear that any future immigrant has in his mind. There is an enormous opportunity available for skilled workers who can contribute towards the development of the economy in a big way. Government has unveiled numerous programs in 2019 targeted at encouraging skilled workers who are ambitious and have great English communication skills and the opportunity looks even brighter than before.

The official launch of Canada’s Multi-year Immigration Plan (2019-2021) is aimed at taking in more than 3,00,000 skilled applicants annually. Express Entry is the most popular program, the major influx is expected from the Federal Government of Canada’s Express Entry Program. Provincial Nomination Programs(PNP) are intended to intake skilled workers willing to settle in one of 10 provinces of Canada.

The process of applying for a Canadian Visa for any of the above categories appears straightforward and lucid, but in reality, can turn out to be overwhelming. There is no denying the fact that takes a great deal of perseverance for the aspirant to get into a leading institute, the truth be told it needs a greater effort on part of the student to land a study visa. Visa Rejections are not uncommon for students wishing to pursue their overseas dream of education. Canada is inhabited by the most educated individuals on a global map, it ranks amongst the leader in Tertiary education. Data from OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) regarding the performance of 36 countries and members of G20 and partner countries ranks Canada high in terms of education owing to a large number of attainment at college levels. Amongst the OECD nations, Canada has consistently been ranked amongst the top nations with college-based attainment levels.

With leading Multinationals like Blackberry, Bombardier and Four Seasons headquartered in Canada many individuals vying for a spot in these deemed organizations. There are plenty of opportunities available for individuals from different sectors and disciplines. Canada due to its great weather, diverse population and safety standards makes it one of most sought-after countries for immigration. Even though it is satisfying to know that it ranks high in terms of likeability but on the other hand, it makes it equally challenging to get acceptance of Visa owing to a greater number of applicants. The blog is aimed at highlighting the common reasons behind the rejection of Canada Visa.


1. TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA : There has been a great number of Temporary Resident Visa’s that have been denied over the years.IRCC ( Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) grants a TRV to citizens of certain countries trusting on their intent of not overstaying in Canada than the time they have been approved. Visitors are referred to individuals who are neither the citizens of Canada nor the Permanent Residents of the country but can enter for vacation/holiday, visiting family, or attending business meetings. Thus a Visitor has a restricted length of stay as has been stamped on his passport.
The only assurance that the Visa officer needs is that the applicant has the intention of returning back to the native country once the visa expires. Failure to provide ample evidence of your returning back can be a solid reason for your rejection of Visa. Now the question arises as to how a candidate can prove his intention of coming back to his native country. Well, here are a few ways that officers can be convinced. These are some of the many ways which an aspirant can provide the visa officer to let him know his intentions of returning back.


i) Copy of your home title or rental agreement, either of which shows that you have a stable place to live.
ii) A sworn affidavit from your parents listing all the family members who live in your home country, and including details to show that they are all firmly settled there.
iii) Statement of why you, too, are likely to return (especially if there is a family business or property).
iv) Evidence that you are married and travelling with a spouse and children behind, such as copies of marriage and birth certificates.
v) Documentation of an existing business or employment that aspirant is most likely to return to.
vi) Copies of bank statements showing that you maintain accounts in your home country.
vii) Financial assets such as Documentation of any monetary bonds.
viii) Prepaid, round-trip plane ticket to and from the United States. Some consulates routinely ask for this, despite the fact that the regulations do not require it.

2. REJECTION DUE TO SUBMITTING ONLY THE DOCUMENTS LISTED ON IRCC : As a part of the approval of Visa the candidate is expected to submit the various forms, Fees, Photographs, Passport, Bank Statements or proof of Financial support in the event a Family or Friend shall bear your expenses during your stay. A copy of return Ticket in case the aspirant is travelling on a temporary Visa.IRCC has made the job of the aspirant extremely easy for having provided a list of documentation for Temporary Resident Visa. The candidates should note that any of the documents are missing or not completed in accordance with the instructions can lead to rejection of Visa. As mentioned submitting the documents as listed by the IRCC should be sufficient to grant you the Visa, however, the IRCC may ask for additional documents in case your answer doesn’t seem convincing to them. Thus it is extremely wise to provide sufficient evidence in support of that required by IRCC. Thus it is advisable to provide the necessary documentation that demonstrates the Intention of coming back to the native country by the end of a stay and adhere to guidelines with respect to work or study.

3. FAILURE TO PRODUCE EVIDENCE OF ALL YOUR CONNECTIONS TO HOME COUNTRY : There are many other connections that bind an aspirant to his country like property and employment. Documents such as lease agreements to property adequately translated by a certified translator or letters of employment listing your designation period of tenure and likelihood of joining back again could be asked failure to do so can lead to Candian Visa Rejection. There are other connections that to your countries such as membership to a community organization or your commitment towards any senile family members that can be produced to strengthen your case.

4. FAILURE TO SUBMIT AFFIDAVITS SUPPORTING YOUR APPLICATION : Failure to include the sworn affidavit by a close family member or friend who can approve your claims of connections to the home country can also be a reason for visa rejection. It is but obvious that a sworn affidavit is a far potent assurance for the Visa officer as compared to a simple support letter, for a sworn affidavit holds a better legal standing rather than rest of documents.

5. PERFORMANCE IN INSTITUTION OF YOUR COUNTRY : For students who need to pursue a study visa, good grades essentially hold a vital factor in the process of Visa approval. The process includes an array of factors such as Overall grades, recommendation letters by professors and IELTS Band Scores. Low grades or a band score might lead the visa officer to question the authenticity of your case.onsistency in courses and grades enhance the chances of visa approval.

6. SUBMISSION OF A BRIEF INVITATION LETTER : In the event the immigrant is seeking support from his relatives based in Canada in terms of Food and Accommodation in Canada, it is likely that an invitation letter from Canada based relative is asked for in support of application form for TRV Visa application. Invitation letter accompanying the application form should be detailed and cover the cost of food and lodging during the applicant’s entire stay in Canada. Besides, the invitation should include details like full name and birth date, and also confirm the travel dates that you will be visiting in Canada. The invitation letter should have the signature of the individual along with contact phone number and address in case IRCC wishes to confirm this person’s intention.

Besides the visas should be applied to take into consideration the time and probable delays in seeking necessary documentation. Though there is no hard and fast rule of the likelihood of an immigration application success, yet avoiding this 5 mistakes can provide your application with the least likelihood of Canadian Visa Rejection. Though the process is not as simple as it seems but keeping the above points, the application process can turn out to be smooth.