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Brexit from the EU was a news that took everyone by surprise.The move came as a once in a lifetime shock that shall continue haunting the world economies for years. Like all the major world markets,the Indian market suffered the consequences of Brexit. The blog is a concise review of the impact the event has caused and the cause of concern.The event has effected a series of economic changes that had an impact on the Indian Economy.Being one of the world’s most lucrative markets in terms of foreign investment leads to the global attraction and any major changes,be economic or political has a strong impact on India as well.

The reason this event is critical from India’s point of view is because Britain has always been considered as an integral gateway to the European Union.The major benefit that many British companies enjoyed while being a part of the European Union, but with Brexit the benefit shall be taken away and may result in companies setting up their businesses elsewhere.It is also imperative that the Brexit might have positive effect which may be too early to experience.Such a magnanimous event shall result in the government taking time to design and implement their policies.


As mentioned Indian companies are bound to be effected by this move.The sectors taking the most hit are Automobile,Pharma and Information Technology.The most hit has been the IT sector where it is predicted that the move shall impact about $108 billion in turnover in Indian sector in the short term.The devaluation of the Pound Sterling has increased the probability of the possibility of renegotiations for all the ongoing projects.With all the things being covered up in the next few years,the alternate arrangements can be placed between the countries.

In the automobile industry of the Britain which is known for its premium and sports brands namely Aston Martin, Bentley, Caterham Cars, Daimler, Jaguar, Lagonda, Land Rover, Lister Cars, Lotus, McLaren, MG, Mini, Morgan and Rolls-Royce and the some of the major volume car manufacturers such as include Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Vauxhall Motors and the Commercial vehicle manufacturers active in the UK include Alexander Dennis, Ford, IBC Vehicles , Leyland Trucks and London EV Company, the Brexit may lead to reduction in sales and companies that have been deriving good profits from Britain.Besides the manufacturing the Brexit has influenced the education and Travel market also.

Considered one of the prime education destination for Indians ,the Brexit frees up funds for the other students which prior to the brexit were only given to the citizens of UK and EU in the form of scholarships and subsidies.The reduction in the value of pound sterling can reduce the travelling cost to UK and thus make it a great travel destination.Brexit has forced many a individual to dispose off their assets in exchange of more secure options such as Gold
Gold prices in India had breached Rs 32,000 per 10-gram level.Considering from a long term perspective,the ties are bound to get stronger as India’s increased focus on innovation and entrepreneurship still makes Britain an attractive destination.


With more than 800 companies operating in the United Kingdom employing a whooping 1 million people,these presented a tremendous growth rate at an average of 44% targeted at various domains such as automotive firms),Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals and services such as technology,Engineering and Financial


The UK is taking itself out of the combination.The Indian companies seeking options out of the UK market should understand that they won’t be able to rely on the four freedoms guarantee of the EU Unions.which involves free movement of Goods,Services,Capital and Labour. With the companies barred from entry in british ports ,thus compelling them of requiring additional ports on the continent to ship goods,services,capital and labour.One of the ways in which the companies are seeking solution to this problem is through mergers and acquisitions,whereby the companies have been acquired in an effort to achieve access to the UK and continental market.This privilege would be taken post brexit. Though the Indian companies for now don’t need to panic ,they would not like to stay there either.Leaving the world’s most economically successful custom union in terms of parameters like GDP and Human Development Index would lead to the substantial shaving of from Britain’s GDP in the first 15 years post Brexit.The year 2017 saw four of the top 10 Indian deals in Europe being acquisitions of UK companies (driven by the depreciation of the pound against the rupee after the Brexit. Moving forward the Indian companies should focus on expansion across Europe through Mergers and Acquisitions across the whole Europe while holding onto their shrinking market.
However the companies should not simply rely on mergers and acquisitions.The major private players cannot by themselves put the entire Indian economy in a competitive post brexit position,nor open the UK and continental markets for subcontinental SME’s looking to head west.All of this is influenced by the trade policy of India.Post Brexit it is essential to understand how a custom’s union like EU under the international Trade Law. Aricle XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariff’s and Trade(one of the WTO TREATIES) defines a custom’s union as having no internal barriers to the movements of goods and having a common external tariff.As a part of EU,the UK shares the same schedule of concessions of goods as others for all EU members.Remember the Article V of General Agreement on Trade in Services or the WTO Treaty guarantees the Indian Service suppliers that entry into the UK facilities further entry to other EU members.Again the UK and EU share a common schedule of concessions for services(though depending on the services sector or sub-sector,certain country specific limits to market access) or national treatment may apply.
British partition from the EU is India’s opportunity for integration with the continent.It should mean a lot to India.