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Canada Immigration New Rules and Target for 2019

When it comes to choosing an immigration destination, the first name that struck up our mind is obviously Canada. Although, several locations around the world are available to opt for resettlement or permanent settlement the reason of Canada is in the top list of immigration destination makes this evidence that people around the world are attracted to enormous benefits that Canada PR Visa provides. This is the actual motivation that draws people to the country. No other country provides such immigration facilities for the immigrants. Similarly, no other immigrants can find such peace and comfort elsewhere other than Canada. But, each year there are changes in the policies of the Canadian Government regarding the immigrants’ rules and regulations and they set new targets for every single year. So, before making a final plan, one should be aware of new rules regarding Canada immigration. In this post, all the latest updates regarding Canada immigration targets and new rules will be ventilated that can be really benefiting to people opting to reside in ‘immigrants paradise’.

Canada Government has formulated new provincial pathways for the immigrants. This year, they spent much time in innovating and formulating their new policies and the outcome is that the country’s Express Entry in conjugation with their Provincial Nominee Programs has issued more than 3000 provincial nomination invitations for permanent settlement in here. The grand news is that this year Canada has included their largest invitations via Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream. Furthermore, their Express Entry program will get a further boost in the upcoming years due to their impeccable creation of Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream.

Now, before having a look in various programs regarding Canada Immigration 2019, it is better to have a peek in their Express Entry Program. So, Express Entry is all set to play a vital role in the immigration strategy of Canada in the upcoming years of 2019-2021. These renowned immigration programs are going to create a huge upsurge in the coming years as the country has planned to allow 160,100 new positions for permanent residents. As per the new immigration plans which were released last week only, it is seen that there is a 23% increase in allotting positions for permanent residents in comparison to 2018 targets when the number was only 129,900. The Express Entry Program is a combination of the Federal Skilled Trade Class the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It is estimated that this program alone will account for 44% of the 1.3 million permanent residents that the country is planning to welcome by 2021. After revising the previous targets regarding admission for permanent resettlement in the country, it is seen that the overall immigration targets have increased to 800 in 2019 and 1000 in 2021. On the basis of this statistics, the Canadian Government assumes that there will 1% population growth of the country by 2021. On the basis of the updated multi-year plan, IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have increased 18% more allotment than 2018 regarding admissions target in 2021 for Express Entry Programs. As per the latest updates of 2019-2021 Canada immigration plans, the followings will be in reality-

• 2019- The Federal Government has planned for resettling an additional 1000 vulnerable girls and women as refugees. The overall target for Protected Persons and refugees has increased by 800 admissions.

• 2020- Canadian Government has shifted 700 admissions to the Government-assisted Refugee Program from the Blended Visa Office Referred Program.

• 2021- Regarding allocation to the Economic class, IRCC has increased this admission by 6,500 from the previous year and has set allocations to 2,500 regarding humanitarian categories.

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The omnipotent driver of the economic immigration of Canada is this Express Entry System. All of its three subcategories mentioned above are ranked in a pool based system where every single individual is awarded points on the basis of their education, speaking power in English or French, work experience and age. Individuals with higher points can apply for permanent settlement in the country. The Provincial Nominee Program enables participating territories and provinces to nominate a number of economic immigration people every single year for permanent settlement. In 2019, the target for PNP admissions is set to rise by 5000 than 61,000 in 2018. The country’s PNP program as per IRCC has greatly benefitted landing patterns of the immigrants and now, the immigrants relocate themselves apart from the large cities of Canada like Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Quebec, Toronto and Montreal.

The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities has a provision for the candidates of Express Entry to permanently reside in Canada. But, this has a requirement, i.e. all these people have to meet certain labor market criteria in the province. This is quite unique and has flexibility too. The specified occupations and criteria can get varied according to the Nova Scotia’s social needs and labor market. The eligibility criteria are mentioned below-

• The candidates must receive a letter on the interest of Nova Scotia’s Office of Immigration (NSOI) in their Express Entry Profile

• Candidates have to fulfill Draw-specific eligibility criteria as announced by NSOI

• They also have to fulfill the work experience criteria as demanded by Express Entry Class

• The candidates must possess their supporting documentation or letters of reference from their respective employers which can provide evidence of their work experience

• Most importantly, the candidates opting to resettle permanently in Canada must have sufficient funds for permanent settlement in Nova Scotia or even in the case to accommodate their family members and paying all the required travel and immigration expenses

• Candidates must have legal status in their present residing country before applying for permanent resettlement in Canada.

Another great update for 2019 is that the Canadian Government has already announced this year that they will be increasing their sponsorship of parent and grandparent applications to 20,000. The happiest part of this news is that there will be no more lottery kind of system for selecting applicants rather, this time, the process will be like ‘first come, first served’ basis.

In 2018, Canada accepted 17,000 applications under Parents and Grandparents Quota (PGP). In 2019, it will be 20,000. If compared to the applicants of this quota in 2014, then, in 2019, Canada will be accepting four times of this PGP candidates than 2014. But, there is a factor, called as ELIGIBILITY. Yes, it is here too. The happiest part is that there is no lottery but there are reasons to get worried a little. First of all, the sponsor, in this case, has to meet a minimum necessary income level so that he or she can provide sufficient funds for supporting his or her family members when they will arrive in Canada. Second, the persons whom the sponsors are going to bring in Canada for resettlement must be either their grandparents or parents. Third, the applicants are bound to abide by the statutory criteria as mentioned by the Canadian Government. Any significant criminal record or medical issues can reject this application or the applicant can be rendered as ineligible. In case, a person is ineligible for PGP, then, they may help their relatives to travel to Canada provided, they apply for a super visa for grandparents and parents

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IRCC now requires Canadian Immigration applicants to submit their government processing fee along with their applications regarding permanent settlement in Canada. There are many offices of Canadian Immigration Visa services that are now accepting government processing fees in the local currencies. But, these are subject to change as the fluctuation of the exchange rates. So, it is better to consult with the Canada Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh. One of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada is Avenues Abroad. The reason for calling this organization as one of the best consultants for Canada Immigration is that it has the world’s latest blockchain powered online business platform. The guidance that they provide regarding immigration to Canada is truly remarkable and there are many satisfied clients of this organization around Canada. The organization follows their mission to assist those people who aspire to study abroad in Canada, who dreams to earn more in a foreign country or those who want to permanently resettle in Canada. The main benefit one can avail from this organization is that they are true to their words and assist their clients limitlessly until they reach their destination successfully.


So, from the above discussion, I hope that you have got an idea about the recent updates that the Canadian Government has already made or is planning to make. All that can be said here is that Canada is undoubtedly a hot spot for the immigrants for the safety and security that Canada provides to them. But, as I mentioned earlier, that the safest way to land securely in Canada will be to consult with an expert immigration consultant like Avenues Abroad who can adequately guide regarding the statutory requirements that the applicants have to meet.