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Canadian Universities

Canada can be a land of opportunity for immigrants due to the rich facilities and economic and political stability that the country beholds. So far the students are concerned, they can foster their maximum development by getting enrolled in the world class universities of Canada. Students who opt to study in UK or US, preferably think for Canada too. Canada, despite of its growing economy, luxurious lifestyles and splendid natural beauty, is more culturally diverse. Here scopes of research and development and academic pursuit is much dignified and one can have loads of options to explore with his preferred career choice. Another striking advantage that the Canadian higher education provides in respect to UK and US is its lower tuition fees along with affordable cost of the students’ living expenses and accommodation. With all these full-fledged benefits, the country remains a competitive choice and attraction for majority international students.

So, if a person wants to go to Canada for study purpose, he will obviously want to know about some top class Universities of the country along with the academic processes, scholarships and employment opportunities. But, in this blog I shall only focus on the top ten well renowned universities in Canada on the basis of the rankings by Times Higher Education and this can be of great help to the students if they are really willing to study in Canada.

1. University of Toronto

University of Toronto

This university ranks as 19th among the top global universities and is the largest university of Canada. This University takes pride for its auspicious research and development centers and potential. It presents a large section of ethnically diverse students under one roof and is very welcoming to the global students. This university enrolls students from more than 160 countries in every single year.

2. University of British Colombia

University of British Colombia

Ranking 34th globally, UBC is the second largest university of Canada as announced by Times Higher Education. Being one of the oldest university of British Columbia, it has got worldwide recognition for its profound research spectrums, modern facilities along with distinguished alumni.

3. McGill University

McGill University

Situated in Montreal, it ranks 38th globally and is the third largest university of Canada. It presents an array of educational courses and is one of the universities in Quebec where students can learn English too. Their academic programs are very appealing to the international students irrespective of their proficiency level in English. 15% of its students come from other countries and with its high quality educational program, it too has a large expansion of researches.

4. McMaster University

McMaster University

It ranks 94th globally and is the fourth among the top ten Canadian Universities. Situated in Hamilton, it also has got high quality educational courses and research opportunities. It comprises of 15% of global students. On the basis of 2017 Research Info source Rankings, it is the country’s most intensive research and development center.

5. University of Montreal

University of Montreal

Also popularly called as University de Montreal, and this is a French University ranking 113th globally. Its high grade is due to its great achievement and exceptional expertise the field of research.

6. University of Alberta

Ranking as 137th globally, it is the 6th largest university of Canada which boasts of its profound achievements by its alumni. Its alumni has founded more than 70,000 different organisations all over the world and this is a significant contribution to its rankings. The faculties and infrastructures of the universities are really proficient, qualified and prestigious. Due to these, the university has received more than 3 million teaching awards that no other Canadian universities have ever received.

7. University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Ranking as 7th top university of Canada and one of the top 200 globally, it specialists in providing engineering and physical science courses to the students. It has a global recognition of having the world’s largest academic co-op programs.

8. University of Calgary

University of Calgary

One of the top 250 universities globally, this university has fifty years of experience in commerce, engineering, kinesiology courses. More than 10% of its students are international.

9. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

In short, the students call this university as “Dal” and this is located at Nova Scotia. Like University of Calgary, this too ranks as one of the topmost among top 250 global universities. An international student can easily feel relaxed with its ambience for it enrols approximately 18,000 international students every year and has a cutting edge in its research facilities.

10. Laval University

Laval University

Being one of the three Quebec Institutions, this university is also among one of the top 250 universities in the world. Also known by Universite de Laval, this university has attained a global reputation due to its affluent research facilities.

So, if a student really wants to study in Canada, he has to obtain a student visa. This process can be greatly confusing and time consuming, in case, if the student is unfamiliar with this process. It is important to be well aware of the Canadian Government’s rules and regulations as well as immigration policies of own motherland. There are separate study visa consultants in Chandigarh too. Of these organisations, Avenues Abroad is one of the top visa consultants in Chandigarh. They have thousands of clients in India whom they had helped to study abroad in Canada for pursuing their dreams. They are true to their promises of providing the best advises to the students. The organisation is an online business platform with the world’s latest blockchain. They can guide the students really well to flourish their career in the dream land of Canada.

A student besides getting the best educational support from Canadian Universities, can also lead a secure life as Canadian Government is very supportive to immigrants. The country possess free medical benefits. A great ambiance prevails in the country, even people are always assisted by traffic volunteers so that they can stay safe on roads. The country has excellent employment opportunities with very good salary package and people there can stay secure for very low crime rate. There are also various scholarship opportunities for the students provided, they apply much earlier for admission before the deadline reaches.

All these features automatically make the country a hot spot destination for higher education and its growing economy has the capacity to foster development of the students so that they can have a successful career ahead.