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Changes in 457 Visa for Australia

If you are looking forward to converting your temporary 457 Visa to a Permanent residency in Australia, then this blog is for you. This visa was earlier called Business Sponsor Visa.

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Let’s talk about some past information related to this visa;

The most accepted visa for immigrating Australia is subclass 457 visa. This is generally sponsored by the employers there. If you are able to get the employment offer from an employer there then they can sponsor you for this visa. After the validity of temporary 457 Visa gets over, a person can easily apply for the PR if the parameters are met. The best part about this visa is that it doesn’t restrict the entry and exit. You can travel to your native country as and when required.

This enables an Indian to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. They also have the liberty to bring an eligible dependent on them. They can also live and work here in Australia. Who all are the dependents?

Family: The immigrant can bring family members with them to Australia. This includes; married partners, unmarried/de facto partners, children, and any other dependent relatives. Various certificates and proofs need to be attached with them; example married couple need to attach the marriage certificate. For other categories, there are other documents required. You can ask this information from immigration consultants who deals in Australia.

Who are eligible to apply for 457 Visa?

Should be sponsored by an eligible employer
Should have skills, experience, and qualification related to the occupation
Minimum 5 scores in all the modules of IELTS exam
Should meet the health requirements
Character certificate (No criminal record)
And others can be consulted with the best immigration consultants

Changes made in 457 Visa

The government has changed it to TSS (Temporary Skill Storage) and rules have been modified as well. This has been further categorized into 2 parts. One is short-term skill where the immigrants will get a chance to work for only 2 years and they will not be eligible to apply for the PR. The IELTS band requirement would be 4.5. The other category is Medium and long-term where 4 years time will be granted to work. They will be eligible to apply for the PR and IELTS score required will be 5 bands. Apart from this rules for the employers have also been modified.

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