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The sole aim of receiving a quality education in affordable and cheap colleges in Canada is the dilemma faced by most International students. There is no doubt that the cost of international education is one of the most integral factors in the choice of the Institute for the desired program. The last year report by Statistics Canada regarding the Tuition fees reported an escalation by an average of 3.3% and 6.3% in case of domestic and International students. There is a comprehensive difference in the Tuition fees that the Canadian citizen and International Students pursuing an undergraduate degree are expected to pay. As per the statistics, while Canadian citizen studying in Canada, is expected to pay about CA$6,838 per year for an undergraduate degree, and CD$7,086 per year for a graduate degree, the international student for the same degree is expected to pay CD$27,159 (four times surge) per year. The amount of the fees varies with the courses with Arts and humanities being a little cheaper, while subjects such as engineering and medicine are among the more expensive ones with an average fee of approximately CD$30,742 (~US$23,300) per year. Fees for corresponding undergraduate business and management courses are around CD$26,395 (~US$20,000) annually. According to the similar statistics, courses at the postgraduate levels have comparatively lower tuition fees and again varies with the course. The average postgraduate fees are approximately CD$16,497 in 2018-19 and are expected to only a significant increase in the coming year. Executive MBA programs are generally regarded as deemed programs of the university and tend to be the most expensive of all with average fees of around CD$49,798 (~US$37,700), whereas regular MBAs cost CA$30,570 (~US$23,160) on average.


Considering the high cost of overseas education makes a student seek cost-effective options amongst the list of the reputed colleges in the country. Reputed universities such as the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and the University of British Columbia are as much rated like any other ranked Colleges of the United States or the United Kingdom. These highly rated colleges only differ from their US or British counterparts in having scaled down Tuition Fees. In other words, the education system in Canada is not only excellent but is cheaper compared to those in other developed counterparts. All Canadian Colleges deliver highly ranked undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD programs with an added bonus of affordable tuition. As mentioned earlier even courses like executive MBA and healthcare professions such as Medical, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nursing or Health allied professions can be easily obtained by affordable fees. In the event, the student needs to look for Academic fees details, he can browse the college site for more information.


Canada is the home to some of the popular but easily affordable colleges in various disciplines. These deemed colleges are known to provide admission to a diverse segment of candidates around the world. There is no doubt that the prospective international students seeking admission to Canada are on the surge. Canada’s leading Universities are ranked by US News on the basis of popularity and academic research.

1. ALGONQUIN COLLEGE : Any student seeking a college with affordable tuition, Algonquin College is one of the popular colleges in Canada for International students. The University has a yearly tuition fee of approximately $9,054(Fees subject to change) per year with an overall expenditure of $12,000 considering the living expenses. The college is known for providing its students with hands-on skills and exposure to real classroom environments. The graduating candidates are widely sought after by the leading employers of every industry. The institute’s success in numbers speak volumes of its commitment to producing talented graduates who add immense value to the society. As mentioned the graduates of the college are so much in demand that 90% of graduates have a placement offers within six months of graduation. It is not surprising considering the popularity that the majority of the graduates recommend the college name to other friends or family members. The different programs are highly recognized by the employer fraternity. With the college’s continuous drive to train individuals in various trades, they are driven to enhance literacy and basic skills. Besides, Algonquin offers placement through various portals on its various campuses situated in Ottawa, Perth, and Pembroke, Ontario.

2. BOW VALLEY COLLEGE : One of the highly recognized colleges in Canada, Bow Valley college is noted for providing a reliable student support system and access to services. International students pay the fees ranging from a minimum of $6,000 and a maximum of $11,234 tuition fees which covers the textbooks and other study materials. Bow Valley College is respected for its well-structured refund system. The college offers courses in Business, Health care and Community services in addition to certificate and diploma programs in these, justice studies, and creative technologies. Majority of the college programs provide the much-required hands-on work experience before graduation. The post-diploma certificates provide the necessary push to help him move ahead in his career.
Bow Valley College is known for outstanding and caring instructors who are committed to seeing you reach your goals. The support services assist the candidates with learning challenges, stress, and more. Many other great services make your campus life easier. Owing to the tremendous support system,89% of the graduates are employable within the first 6 months. The teaching curriculum is designed in consultation with the leading industry fraternity. The college has a range of course s as per the students demand such as Career certificates or diplomas, Post-diploma certificates, International education, Academic upgrading, and English Language Learning. Bow Valley imparts education through various means such as Full time, part time, Online, in class, or other available delivery modes, Day or Evening or Calgary or one of the regional campuses. College’s diverse student strength comprises of students from 148 countries speaking over 98 languages. The diversity is not limited to students but to the staff too. There are over 700 faculty and staff who speak more than 50 languages combined.

3. CAMOSUN COLLEGE : One of the most popular colleges in Canada amongst International students, the institute boasts of about 1,100 international students and more than 19,000 students in full-time and part-time programs. The college offers several graduate and postgraduate courses through its Great Victoria Campus. Camosun College boasts of being the largest public college in British Columbia. The college has students from diverse ethnicities and each year 1,200 Indigenous students from First Nations, Métis, and Inuit groups, and over 2,100 international students from more than 80 countries come and join this reputed institute. Established in the year 1971, Camosun College offers over 160 innovative programs to help meet the needs of students and communities in Victoria and beyond. There are over 2,100 international students from 80 nations. The college offers a range of offerings such as university transfer and applied for degree programs; career and trades training; upgrading and preparatory programs; and continuing education. The institution has garnered a lot of respect for its contribution to teaching. The college boasts of its experienced faculty along and along with its eager to learn students males it one of the best learning experiences.
The college boasts of not only its excellence and commitment in academics but also about its impact on the society as a whole. The institute is widely respected for providing training opportunities for local business; research, innovation and prototyping services for industry. The college boasts of excellent placement record with more than 90% of graduates are either placed or pursuing higher studies. Besides the college scores high in terms of satisfaction amongst the students.

4. LETHBRIDGE COLLEGE : The college prides itself for being recognized as the pioneer college to have been funded by the Government of Canada. The reputed college now boasts of more than 4,000 dedicated students enrolled in 50 programs. The satisfaction score of the college is high amongst International students in terms of academic performance and safety standards of the institution and the city. The college believes in rendering education through practical methods which makes it an ideal education destination for overseas students. Whether you are still exploring your career options or you have finalized your program of interest, Lethbridge College provides you with the understanding and tools in that direction, along with the necessary support. As already mentioned, the students have a choice from over 50 career-training programs, applied degrees, and apprenticeships followed by many study options such as classroom-based and online credit classes right away. The international community is diverse with students from over 40 countries enrolled each year. The highlights of the Lethbridge College are manifold. The area is abundant in amenities, upscale shopping, dining and live local entertainment makes it an ideal place to live. The college location is st against the backdrop of the Rockies and natural reserves are within a short distance of the college. All the programs are open to International students.
The tuition fee amount is three times higher for International students than the local students, with other fees.remaining the same as domestic students.International tuition is from $6,000 to $22,000 depending on the chosen programs.

5. LOYALIST COLLEGE : Loyalist College is one of the colleges that attract International students. The college is one of the cheapest colleges in Canada offering an experimental curriculum along with the community service with community engagement and hands-on opportunities, all to drive you to your personal career destination. Loyalist is known for its small class sizes to ensure that each student is provided with personalized attention and better student services. The college offers more than 70 full-time programs, internships and many options of online, distance and classroom courses. The college has a wide selection of advanced diplomas and certificates in various disciplines such as applied sciences, biosciences, building sciences, business and management studies, health sciences, human studies, justice studies, media, arts and design, and skills and technology. The university offers many extracurricular activities and career-oriented programs in contemporary facilities. Here are a few of the areas where Loyalist students learn and socialize. The college has state of the art sports facilities such as ice hockey, ball hockey, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, slacklining, flag football, badminton and many more co-ed activities. Besides the well-acclaimed sports facilities, the institute has been a leader in its academics. The faculties are knowledgeable and have years of experience in their respective trades backing them up Tuition fee for international students is $13,000.


It requires brainstorming accompanied by effective planning and knowledge of shortlisting quality colleges for your intended program of study. There are many candidates who resort to internet search for shortlisting, while there are others who look up to many registered educational agencies for their search. Though there might be myriad factors that can be listed here for arriving at the decision, one aspect common to all is the cost of the education. Thus it is a wise strategy to make a list of cheap colleges in Canada for international students for selection as per the budget. The listing would save a considerable amount of time in only focussing on institutes that suit the candidate’s budget. Canadian colleges are amongst the leading in the world with graduates from around the globe vying for admission spot in them. Unlike the saying, quality comes with a cost, a number of these colleges have affordable tuition fees in addition to maintaining a quality course program. If you are looking for cheap colleges in Canada, offering a great education, then you have come to the right resource.

Before you decide to study at a Canadian university as an international student, you need to evaluate why you want to study in Canada. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons.
Studying in Canada is an excellent alternative for those looking for an affordable degree as an international student. Canada offers low tuition rates for international and domestic students. Plus, you’ll be studying in an English (or French!) environment in a highly developed country. The education system in Canada is reputable and comparable to countries such as the U.K. and the U.S.

Many international students choose to study in Canada for the low tuition prices, ease and comfort of living, and great reputation of the universities. For those looking for affordable degrees, here are 5 cheap universities in Canada for international students.