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Many people are confused if they should get in contact with an immigration consultant or not? The answer to this is a clear yes! But the timeline has to be understood. There is a stage in the whole process where the guidance is needed. Till then, you can work it up yourself as well.

When should you reach out to an Immigration Consultants?


There are different procedures to immigrate to different countries. The Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh deal in all the countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore etc. For example, if you are applying for Canada then you may have to first score well in your English language (IELTS) exam and then consult an Immigration consultant. Similarly for Australia get your skilled accessed by giving your IELTS or PTE score. After that, an invitation is sent to you. This can be a starting point to consult an Immigration consultant. This means that until and unless you have not scored well in your IELTS/ PTE exam you don’t need to consult any Immigration consultant. You must access your points and score yourself and do a good research on your own before relying on an Immigration consultant. There are many cases where people get stuck and waste their money when they get in contact with an Immigration consultant before even giving the IELTS Exam.

The Visa and Immigration process is too long and complicated. Once you have got a good score in your IELTS you can choose the study visa consultants near you. Their help and guidance are beneficial in some instances during the visa process. But, there is a long list of immigration consultants and you may face confusion in choosing the best one for you. We suggest you connect with Knowyourtutor and they may help with free guidance to choose the right immigration consultant for you. Avenues Abroad has also come up with a list of things which needs to be considered before choosing the top immigration consultants;

The immigration Consultancy has to be registered with immigration regulatory authority of that country where you must be planning to immigrate. For example, IICRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) which is an immigration regulatory body of Canada. The accreditation and certifications are two of the important factors in choosing them.

Immigration Consultant

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In this digital world, people tend to rely more on the virtual world. Every communication takes place via the internet connection only. But, we suggest you visit the consultancy in person. The environment of the office setup, a number of employees, friendliness of the staff and facilities there depict the genuineness of the consultancy. A fixed office location can explain the stability of the firm. Every big and small organization is trying its best to present its perfect image online. If your search shows that the firm is putting efforts for their upliftment that means it is a serious firm. An organization that does not put efforts for its own self can’t do required work for you as well.

The fees and the charges are also important to know. After-all spending money is useful only when you gain something out of it. In this case, it is directly related to a very decision f your life. The visa fees and the immigration fees are two different things. Make sure that you are being told and given everything in written about the various charges you need to pay. The transparency and the distinct fee structure with no hidden charges are generally provided by good immigration consultants in Chandigarh. The fee structure is generally nominal and not too high.

The visa categories and immigration programs are not less in numbers. There are many of them and each one has a certain distinction from the other. The person/ manager dealing with your case in the immigration consultant needs to be aware of each one of them. You need to check their work history and their professionalism. The firm should hold a decent track record. Clients reviews, success rates, number of PR visa approved are few of the parameters which can be used to identify the right immigration consultants. The experience and the knowledge of the case manager should be excellent. For example Avenue Abroad has won 22 awards till date.

The immigration consultants should have a dedicated team for each step of the immigration process. A genuine and reliable team with dedicated team members forms the base for a good consultancy. All your queries, doubts and questions need to be handled with them. Thus, the client service team represents the consultancy as a whole.

You really need to check on their digital presence. A reputed consultancy always has a built website with informative elements inside it. The website is generally educating people, providing them quality content and advise them to choose the right path for them. If you think that the website is able to satisfy some of your needs then you may contact them by surfing their contact information from the website itself.

All the paperwork related to the case along with the knowledge of the latest laws and regulations should be done from their end. The immigration lawyers are always ready to take up challenging cases.

You should also check the reviews for the company on various sites. These could be social media sites as well. Also, check the discussions going on within the pages/groups of these firms. Just note that there is a trend of fake reviews as well. You should be able to differentiate between the fake and the true ones. Websites Google Reviews, Website content pages, Testimonials of clients, Number of successful cases registered by the consultancy are few of the things which need to be reviewed.

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Services these immigration consultants offer:

Immigration Consultants

  • Aсtіvе іntеrасtіоn with the person on a regular basis. Participation with a Іmmіgrаtіоn Dераrtmеnt as well.
  • Ніgh suссеss rаtе which add value to their credibility.
  • Маіntаіn a hіgh stаndаrd of сlіеnt sаtіsfасtіоn by maintaining follow-ups
    Frее соnsultаtіоn for all those connecting with them
  • The аррlісаtіоns are in contact with a tеаm of рrоfісіеnt and dеdісаtеd stаff members
  • Wеll еstаblіshеd оffісе which are easily accessible and reachable. Also, it offers a stаtе-оf-thе-аrt соmmunісаtіоn nеtwоrk
  • Тhеу еngаgе the сlіеnts in a аgrееmеnt оutlіnіng the dutіеs & rеsроnsіbіlіtіеs of the Соntrасtіng Раrtіеs
  • Тhеу рrоvіdе rесеірts for рауmеnts that are made towards sеrvісеs rеndеrеd
  • Case Study/Analysis for the candidate’s profile
  • Online profile creation of the person who applies
    Application Pre Assessment so that the required documents can be arranged in advance
  • Documentation Assistance for an easy flow
  • Letter Drafting whenever and wherever possible
  • Visa Application Filing and assisting the client
  • Refusal Case Analysis and Refilling
  • Visa Follow up with Immigration Office is also required

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Therefore, if you are planning to study, work or immigrate abroad then make sure that you follow the above-mentioned instructions. Else if you have enough time to invest and have the patience to study, research about Immigration rule then you can process your own. But before that, you need to make the application as simple as possible. The complicated ones should be handed over to the Immigration lawyer who is bound to act in your legitimate interests and give you accurate advice through a Code of Conduct. The immigration Consultants in Chandigarh