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So, are you all set to step out of your country and explore a greater dimension of the unexcavated educational opportunities? Obviously, you have your family support, your own perseverance and excellent academic marks in your support that are sufficient enough to keep igniting your desire to learn more and to discover yourself more. If this is exactly your condition, then, you will begin your work now and this is one of the hardest part to get your dreams fulfilled. You may be aspiring to write an application essay and then mailing that to your earnest foreign university, for, finally getting that accepted, but, what can you do without a STUDENT VISA? So, this is the trickiest part regarding obtaining a student visa and for this, you need to be well versed about its processes and how you can apply for the same. We are here to help you regarding this and, we can assure you that if you read this post thoroughly, you can easily and confidently start your journey of becoming an INTERNATIONAL STUDENT in no time.


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If you are planning to enroll yourself in an abroad globally recognized university, contact us at the earliest. We guarantee you of providing the most apt help and helping you till you reach your abroad destination. The more you will have sufficient time for these processes, the better it will be for you to conduct these smoothly with less hassles and more convenience. The reason of telling this is, this student visa can take up to 6 months or it can be even longer than that in some cases if some information is missing or if there is any wrong information. So, you can well understand that it is not something so fast and furious but the process is a slow but steady one and you have to articulate that keeping sufficient time in your hand? Who wants to lose his precious time by getting into troubles? Right? Moreover, when getting abroad is your dream, make the planning so effective from very beginning so that you can safely land in your dream destination and make your dream can true.


How can you begin your student visa application?

For getting your hands on the visa application processes, there are two ways you can opt for. One is to the official embassy or else you have to visit the website of a student visa consultancy of your country. Now, choosing the first option cannot not be so perfect like the second one, for, abroad educational consultant like Avenues Abroad, it is very important to focus on the client’s objective and then giving the most required assistance throughout his preparation of going to abroad for higher studies. For us, we are not only limited to provide help regarding only student visa, rather, there are various associated processes that you need to know so, we with our experts are always ready to be by your side when you need us the most.

You don’t need to struggle with the necessary guidelines regarding making a student visa. You can at ease reach to us from our website. You can consult with us either via mail or via phone number. Our email is and our contact numbers are +91-7710495495, 77104964496 and 172-5025636. We are located at SCO 495-96, Sector 35 C, Chandigarh.

Even, if you have got any other queries, regarding the type of visa that you will need and general and practical questions regarding studying abroad, you can at ease reach to us without any hesitation. Our active customer care support are always there at your services. We will also like to mention here that most of the foreign universities do assist the international students during this process of obtaining a student visa. In many countries, you can also apply for this visa via the institution and this how these insinuations solely abide by bureaucracy.


Fill your application

You want to be assured that all processes go perfect so that you can begin your success story as soon as possible, right? For this, try to be as perfect as you can while filling the application of student visa. Go through the form thoroughly, take time to read the instructions and attentively fill all the places of required information. Check your information more than once for ensuring that whatever you have penned, all those are absolutely okay. Even, if you make any mistake, correct that without any delay otherwise, your application can get rejected.

Once you sent your application, you must remain prepare to efficiently answer any further questions that the visa authorities may have. You must also know that you have to give a short interview with a visa authority within weeks after you send your application and for that you need to have some free time so that you can calm headedly attend the interview.


Meet with the embassy

You have to come for an interview face to face within the embassy of the country where you have desired to study for your higher education and on the basis of which you have filled the form of student visa application as well. This interview will test your seriousness behind your motive and will also mark your determination and integration level. You have to convince the embassy officer that you have strong and persistent will force of going abroad for your higher education opportunities. You also have to make him understand that you are not going to hold back in that foreign country after completing your higher education and you need to provide strong evidence regarding your answers. If you are able to convince the embassy officer well enough, you will reach very nearest to obtaining your visa. For this interview, you need to have some necessary documents and these include the following-

  • Evidence of having sufficient economical resources to cover your entire stay in abroad country– now, you need to show this to the embassy officer and you can also apprehend that it is very important too. If you don’t have sufficient financial resources, you can be in obnoxious situations and your aim can get distracted easily.
  • Acceptance letter from the abroad university– this is usually in the form of a letter that comes from the foreign university where you have applied for your higher education. If you get the same acceptance via mail, you need to have a hard copy with you to show that to the officer.
  • A valid passport– this is really very, very important and it will help you to get into the country as well out of it as well. So, if you lose it, you will be in serious trouble so, keeping that in mind, have a valid passport with you and your passport must be valid even after 6 months after completion of your study.
  • Other things– you will be asked to provide a FIT CERTIFICATE from a doctor, your English proficiency test result exams and the evidence of your intention to return home after you complete your higher studies from abroad.

Some important factors to consider

Length of your study– you should consider the period of your study program for if it lasts less than 6 months, then, you will be eligible for only a shorter stay visa. For very short study courses, which are even shorter than 6 months, a tourist visa can also help you to fulfill your purpose. This is the reason why we will suggest you to approach us the moment you start thinking seriously about going abroad for higher studies. On the basis of your preferences, we will provide you our utmost help.

Student visa fees– we will like to inform you that many countries don’t give free visas and for that you are required to pay an application fee. The limit of fees vary from country to country. For example, if you are aiming to go to US, you have to pay an application fee of US$100-US$400.

We hope that this post was helpful enough to provide a comprehensive overview of how you can avail a student visa. As the best student visa consultant of Chandigarh, we take pride in the success of our clients and the recognition that we have attained via uncountable referrals. Your success is our pride and we are true to our words. So, we with our effective guidance help students to STUDY, WORK and SETTLE AROUND the world.