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Cost of Studying in Canada


When it comes to choose an abroad destination for higher study, many students from different parts of the globe opt for Canada. Not only because the higher study spectrum of Canada is really diverse or full of opportunities to boost one’s career really high but it also comparatively affordable than other countries like Australia, US and UK. The other advantages include total safety and security, economic prosperity, political stability and mesmerizing side scenes. Nearly 120,000 international students choose Canada for their higher education purposes every single year. Canada’s people are also really calmed and very welcoming in nature. The country is intensified with ethnically diverse people thus, benefiting the students to get accustomed to the country’s environment in a very amiable manner.

But, before you plan to study in Canada, you must have a rough estimate regarding the expenses that you are going to have. Sufficient funds are really important for a student to come to Canada. To help you regarding this, we will be providing you with a rough estimate about the University costs and its associated expenses so that you can have a good idea of studying in Canada. So, do continue reading this post as this is going to be very informative for you.


In order to apply in your favorite Canadian University, you have to obtain your Study Permit at first. Study Permit means that you must get an acceptance letter from the Canadian University in which you want to study. For obtaining this, you have to apply to that university which also includes an application fee.

The application fees can ranges from $50 CAD to several hundred CAD depending on the recognition and quality of university you are targeting. There is also a separate immigration processing fee. All STUDY PERMIT STUDENTS have to pay an application fee of $150 CAD. Also, there is inclusion of fees regarding submission of your biometrics. This fee depends on the country from where you belong. Generally, a fee of around $85 CAD is incurred for this bio metric processing.

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Various top class universities of the world is located in Canada, some of these include University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Montreal, University of Alberta etc. Now, these universities set their own fees structure as per their recognition and quality of teaching. Depending on whether you are a home student or an international student, fees structures vary. Also, it depends on the course which you have applied for, i.e. the subjects and the graduate or the postgraduate level. Graduate levels are less expensive than the post-graduate level. For instance, if someone is willing to study higher degrees in dentistry or medicine, his tuition fee will be much higher than the students opting to pursue nursing or engineering. Similarly, University of Toronto will be really expensive than a community college located in New Brunswick.

As per the report of Statistics Canada 2018, Canadian tuition fees have risen by 3.1% for the domestic undergraduate students. Tuition fees can be the most expensive in Ontario. Here, domestic undergraduate students pay an average of CA$8,454 each year. Generally, tuition rates of international students vary from $15,000 CAD to $30,000 CAD each year.

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Undergraduate tuition fees

As per the latest information of the Statistics Canada, all international students have to pay $25,180 CAD/year on an average. Arts and humanities subjects are cheaper while courses on medicine and engineering are expensive and can be around $28,625 CAD/year. Fees for business and management studies can be around $24,683 CAD/year.

Postgraduate tuition fees

This also depends on your course and selection of your university. As per the latest information of Statistics Canada, average post-graduation tuition fee can be around $16,252 CAD per year. Executive MBA programs are generally the most expensive courses in Canada and on average, the cost of this program can be around $51,891 CAD per year.

Scholarship Programs

If someone wants any monetary or financial assistance, he/ she can apply for the various scholarship programs arranged by Canada. You can apply either one of the followings-

• Canadian Government scholarships- NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships, IDRC Research Awards, Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships etc.
• Canadian non-government scholarship- Anne Vallee Ecological Fund and Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships.
• University specific scholarships- Carleton University Awards for International Students, McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid, Dalhousie University Scholarships etc.

Cost of living in Canada

Now, living expenses are really important aspects along with your educational costs in Canada. Canadian student visa requires at least $10,000 CAD on top your tuition because of your living expenses. Your living expenses will depend on the location and your spending habits. Some Universities also have their own arrangement of students’ hostels and other accommodations including flooding, phone costs and course supplies. For example, University of British Columbia in Vancouver $15,500 CAD living costs every year. Any compulsory health insurance is not covered in this living cost and as per BC Health Plan, one has to pay additionally $864 CAD per year to avail this. Private shared accommodation prices are around $8,400 CAD/year. University accommodation is much cheaper than the private ones.

Transportation Cost

It also depends on the location where you will live in Canada and how far your university is from your location. Students from larger Canadian cities usually choose public transports like buses, ferries and commuter trains. One way public transit costs really cheaper and is generally a few dollars. The cost of monthly passes ranges from $80 to $110.

Now that you have rough estimate regarding the financial amount you are going to need to study in Canada, you can prepare yourself accordingly. But, apart from this, you will surely need a more prompt guidance regarding higher education aspects in Canada. So, instead of searching for every single aspect yourself, what about if someone provides you with the adequate and updated information in a timely and reliable manner? Sounds interesting, right? We know and that is why we are here to help. There are various immigration consultants in Chandigarh. Instead of getting confused with so many visa consultants in Chandigarh, you can undoubtedly approach to AVENUES ABROAD. The reason of taking this name specifically is due to the fact that they are very true to their promises and CLIENT’S SATISFACTION is their ultimate target.

So, we hope this post was helpful enough to you. For further guidance, you can at ease approach to Avenues Abroad.