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Jobs Prospects in Canada

Canada has gradually emerged as a hotspot location for many international students to pursue higher degrees in subjects of their choices. Canada’s International Education Strategy is highly developed and is aimed to infuse deep knowledge and motivation into the global students. By 2022, Canadian Government has decided to double the number of international students in respect to the present number. It is estimated that by 2022, total number of international students can be approximately 450,000. The Canadian Council of Ministers of Education focuses to attract students in all educational departments. From the above information, you can have an idea of the job Prospects in Canada.

Job Prospect in Canada

The country is powered by strong economy and supporting government. The unemployment rate as of December 2017 was 5.7% and this is the lowest in 41 years as per the information of Statistics Canada. In 2017, a total of 423,000 jobs were created. The average hourly income rose to 2.7% in 2017 and this continued to attain a sharp peak in 2018 too. The analysts think that low unemployment rate will continue to push wages in the coming years too.

We are going to give you an idea of some top careers you can target in Canada along with the information of the placement opportunities and part time jobs while you remain a student.

High Demand Jobs in Canada

1. Registered Nurse

Nursing is one of the highest paying jobs here and a registered nurse can earn $36 hourly on an average. The increasing aging population of the country is a great advantage to enhance scopes of this profession.

2. Vocational or College Instructor

It can be a great and respected career option. It is estimated that by 2024, there will be more than 6,000 instructors in Canada. These instructors can teach in both public and private universities. They earn $35 hourly on an average.

3. Software Engineer

Canada is one of the great hi-tech country and if you are aiming for a technical career, this country can be really supportive to you. Software engineering and designing are booming careers in Canada. It is expected that mobile, telecommunications and computer sectors will attain a great growth spurt in the upcoming years. A software engineer can earn $43.27 hourly on an average.

4. Aerospace engineer

It is one of the highest paying careers in Canada. By 2024, there will be great demands in this sector. Canada is still running a shortage in their aerospace manufacturing sector and this sector alone can employ 72% of aerospace engineers. Average hourly wage is $42.79

5. Monetary Pay

This is applicable for the students only. Monetary pay is given in part time jobs and the students are paid hourly. Generally, they are paid around $10 per hour on average. A work permit is not necessarily important when you are opting to gain only work experience from work like, helping the professors with research. This is a pay-less job and has to be on campus. You can also work beyond the stipulated time period and only, a student visa is required in this case.


Mental health and wellness sectors are booming in Canada. It is seen that only Government Job projections needs 1,200 trained psychologists by 2024. Canada is deprived of trained Psychologists and thus, a student can have amazing opportunity in this field.

If you are willing to work off campus, you can get various information of these jobs from the bulletin boards of the universities and colleges. You can also find such information from various Canadian job website. A student can work in restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, retail stores and even as a lifeguard or swimming instructor. A multilingual student can also work as a translator. But only after completing 6 months of study from a Canadian University, you can apply to these works. You will be working 20 hours/ week in off campus jobs. You can also reduce this working hours in case if you feel burdened to maintain work-study-life-balance.

Top 3 Universities in Canada offering students Greatest Employment Opportunities

University of Toronto

University of Toronto

It ranks 19th globally in terms of graduate employ ability. It is the topmost Canadian University boasting of its highest number of alumni outcomes. The fact that four Prime Ministers of Canada are from this University stands an as astounding example of their ‘pride’ factor. A range of programmed are offered by this university to enhance the career prospects of their students and these include- co-op programs, entrepreneurship courses and professional experience year programs

University of Waterloo

University of Toronto

It stands in the first place for partnership with the global employers and ranks 22nd globally in terms of graduate employability. They are greatly renowned for their cop-up programs where students integrate their studies with work life experiences. It is recently termed as “Canada’s most innovative University”.

McGill University

McGill University

They are very much notable for their alumni outcomes. With 12 Nobel Laureates and 139 Rhodes Scholar among its alumni, this university ranks as 28th for graduate employ ability. They are standing at the top position among all Canadian Universities in terms of “employer reputation” indicator. Three Canadian Prime Ministers, even late Leonard Cohen were parts of their alumni.

Apart from these universities, there are several reputed Canadian Universities like University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Calgary etc. who have great reputation regarding placements of the students and all the reputed Canadian Universities are collaborated with 5,000 significant global employers. Nearly all students within 6 months of their completion of graduation, get hired by employers.

So, from the above information, you can have an idea of the job opportunities that you can have in Canada. But, this post is just a good concept regarding the topic and in order to get more details, you need to communicate to an expert organisation who can guide you well enough. Even, there are visa consultants in Chandigarh too. But, instead of getting confused with so many names, we will provide you with the best suggestion of an online immigration consultant. Avenues Abroad has numerous satisfied clients already settled abroad and today also, they are helping thousands of clients with their various immigration issues. With their team of professional experts, they can provide you with all the requisite information regarding immigration prospects in Canada. It can be a one stop destination for all your immigration problems. As it is a registered company, their guidance is 100% genuine.

So, why wait further? If you want to discover the opportunities awaiting in Canada, start planning very intuitively from the very beginning.