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Listening Tips for IELTS Exam

IELTS exam has 4 modules; listening, speaking, writing and reading. In this blog, we will be sharing with you a few tips for your IELTS Speaking test.

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All the Instructions given for the questions should be read very carefully. For example; sometimes it might instruct you to write just one word in the blanks. You should not skip such relevant information as they really contribute a lot to your IELTS score.

Take care that you are not reading and listing at the same time. Use the time before to read the questions.

The questions asked in the IELTS exam are always related to the general life of the people. You are free to use your prior experience to answer the questions.

Try not to directly write the answer for the final exam. Write the answer on the test paper first. Then when you are sure you may write them in the answer sheet. You will extra 10 minutes to fill the answer after the listening is over. This time can be utilized to write the final answer.

Before you hand over the answer sheet, make sure to check the grammar and punctuation once again. For example; cat and cats are two different words.

If you find any answer wrong then I will recommend you to cross it out straight away in the question paper.

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Try to recheck the spelling of every word that you write. It should be easily understandable and preferably in capital letters.

In IELTS both the British and American spellings are correct. Example; color and Colour

Try to listen to the end and then decide the answer.

So try to practice as much as you can. Listen to Canadian, American and British accent. The Immigration Consultants are there to help you score best in the IELTS Exam.