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Reasons Why Australia is the Best Place to Study

Benefits of Studying in Australia

With Trump’s administration restricting the entry of International Students, Australia is hailed as the next choice of study abroad destination among Indian Students. The benefits of studying in Australia are manifold which range from having access to a world-class education, Range of career opportunities, and exposure to a diverse culture providing the students with the opportunity to make new friends through networking. Out of the many options, the International student has, why Study Abroad in Australia only? The country is ranked second in terms of the best English Speaking countries for International Students.

One of the foremost benefits of Studying in Australia is that it provides an extraordinary experience in one’s career. Studying in Australia exposes the International students to an unprecedented quality of education, Internationally acclaimed qualification and abundant career-boosting opportunities. Australian Universities offer numerous subjects that cater to the diverse needs of International Students. This very fact provides an answer to the most commonly asked question by individuals as to why study abroad in Australia only. Institutions have been credited with credible research opportunities such as Universities such as the discovery of the ‘Bionic Ear’ developed by Graeme Clarke of La Trobe University in the year of 1978 or the invention of Wi-Fi by the scientist John ‘O’ Sullivan in close collaboration with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. Path-Breaking Discoveries of the Black box Recorders, Electronic Pacemakers, Electrical Drill or Gardasil and Cervarix cancer vaccines have put Australia on the world’s innovative map. Outstanding Academics, Balanced Student Life and Guidance by Qualified Instructors are the prime benefits of studying in Australia which also prompts serves as a reason for overseas students as to why study abroad in Australia only.

Australia abounds in energetic, friendly and Multicultural people with different ethnicities and offers an ambience where International students can not only learn but contribute to society freely. Current article’s main focus is to explore the main reasons why Australia is ranked as the ultimate choice among overseas students. We highlight the 5 major advantages of pursuing your academic degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate )and reasons why study abroad in Australia only and nowhere else.

1. Access to World-Class Education

Australian’s system of education is an epitome of innovation and is considered as the world’s best and unique education programs in the world. Highly focused on the creation of individual thinking ability and its, it enjoys a significant reputation in the International Market. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Australian Universities are ranked amongst the world’s best in many disciplines. The curriculum is integrated and incorporates both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the topics learned. Universities have a well-structured curriculum focusing on varied skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, literacy, analytical thinking ability, ethical understanding and more. Such a system ultimately ensures that the practical knowledge attained while undergoing a program in the university contributes towards the escalation of the country’s overall productivity. Australian universities being ranked in the QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education Rankings consistently.

2.Multicultural and Diverse Society

The ‘Land Down Under ‘ offers a diverse and multicultural environment which is what attracts innumerable students to the shores of the continent. Natives are friendly and are ready to accept the cultures of different ethnicities with open arms. Education system fosters the cultural diversity that the International students bring along with them, thus enriching the academic wealth of Australia’s existing system. International students are provided with care and attention so that they are able to adjust to an Australian way of life. There are students from over 200 nationalities, which makes the nation one of the most diverse countries in the world. Students are readily accepted and the faculty ensures that the teaching is imparted to the students based on their individual needs.

3. Qualification recognition

Home to leading and world-class universities, Australian qualifications are welcomed by the leading Global Educational Institutes and reputed Multinational organizations around the world. Most of the country’s academic institutions are covered by the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which is a system of learning authorized by the Australian government. Thus whether the student chooses to stay in Australia or travel

4. Innovation

Australia has been one of the leading countries spending on Research and Development. A significant number of research papers have put the country at the forefront of technology. A faster pace of adoption of technology has enabled the country with some of the major quantum leaps in the technology world. In fact, Australia boasts sixteen Nobel Prize recipients. World-famous Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the largest government research and development agency in the country is the largest and most diverse research institutions in the world and is involved in many research activities. Australian Institutes have a curriculum that exposes students with abundant research opportunities at all levels of education. Whether it was Tim Fung, the founder of Airtasker or Yahya Awang the cardiothoracic surgeon who performed Malaysia’s first heart transplant have been the past Alumni of Australian Universities

5. Job opportunities and Scholarships

Most of the countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom are becoming stringent on immigration and are implementing harsher guidelines day by day. Both the United Kingdom and the United States closing the doors on Medical and Professionals gradually over time, thus making the countries all the less attractive. Whereas these countries are restricting these jobs, Australia has a policy of offering liberal work permits to international students. An overseas career is in the wish list of many a candidate and it is the flexibility and the relaxed Australian policies which enables him to shortlist destination of International study as Australia only.

Why Study in Australia?

Above five points highlight the chief reasons the students choose Australia as their prime destination for study for the International Students. International Students can avail of the tremendous world-class leading-edge technologies and conduct their own research. Subsequently, the students following graduation, are offered opportunities in teaching, training and research-backed by modern technology. Having an Australian educational credential under one’s belt enables one to have a broader perspective of the focussed topic. Graduates from Australia are not only successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide but the strong foundation attained enables them to be accepted at the world’s leading international universities.