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Study in Canada

Canada, because of its outstanding opportunities in every aspect has caught attention of the immigrants from all over the world. This is why the country is also termed as ‘the paradise’ for the immigrants. Besides this, the country is more economically stable and the way the Canadian Government is helping out immigrants each year, really stands as an instance of how fair treatment people from outside Canada can get once they step in that country provided, they abide by the statutory norms and regulations as bestowed by the Canadian Government. Almost every single permanent resident in Canada is immigrant who once had arrived from other country but living peacefully in here.


Comfortability factor of the international students

As this blog post is totally focused on studying aspects in Canada, so, let me begin with the discussion of how well a student can get familiar with Canadian environment. Very clearly, I can say that if someone really is opting to study in Canada, he will not be getting lost in the midst of the crowd rather, he will recognise many faces from his own country and it’s a fact that every city in this country has a strong throng of international students. Moreover, the landscapes of this country are so comfortable to eyes and heart along with lots of green vegetation that all international students can have ample opportunities to explore the scenic wonders while they study in various Canadian Universities.


Types of Universities


The Education System of this country has strong influence British culture and is very much identical to the American Education System. One can find three types of educational institutions and these are-
Private Universities- These receive funding from research grants and donations and here government bodies don’t play any role.
Public Universities- These are run by territorial, federal and provincial government bodies and they also receive tuition fees from the students.
Liberal Arts college- These are similar to that of USA’s liberal art colleges. These generally emphasise on undergraduate courses and can be either a part of public or private universities.

Why should you study in Canada?


Starting from PROSAIC courses to DIGNIFIED courses, Canada has got everything. Toronto and Montreal being the two largest cities of country, provides every single thing that a student can ask for. Toronto is more ethnically diverse and thus, the spectrum of learning and research is more in here than any other city in Canada. University of Toronto is an identical example in this regard. Apart from this city, Montreal and City of Saints also provide a great cultural expansion and a lavish cultural mix of European and North American traditions. The United Nations always ranks Canada as one of the best places to live and to foster growth. The significant reason behind this is that the place has very lowcrime rate. Moreover, the traffic system is so good in here that there are arrangements of WALKSAFE PROGRAMMES where volunteers assist people to avail public transportations and help them to get to their destinations safely even in late hours at night.

What can be your study options in Canada?


The academic sessions in Canadian Universities are divided in three different timings in a year and these are Fall, Winter and Summer. Winter prevails from January to April, summer reigns from May to August and fall begins from September and lasts up to December.In most of the colleges, academic sessions start with fall and the remaining colleges prefer winter intake. International students are always suggested to apply as early as they can for scholarships and admissions programs become more and more competitive and it reaches the final dates of admissions. It would be the best if a student can apply six to nine months earlier before the session starts. Subject selection and admission dates according to the preferred subjects can vary so, it is always better to be prepared at the earliest with all the necessary and updated information.

A number of study programmes are available for the students from which they can choose accordingly-

• Advanced diploma
• Certificate diploma
• Undergraduate
• Postgraduate
• PhD with dissertation

Apart from these, some Universities also provide engineering courses and administrative studies along with various types of management studies, for instance, LLB, MBA, MIM and MS degrees.

Attractive Scholarships for International students


One can avail either government or non-government scholarships for studying in Canada.

Non-government scholarships-

• Trudeau scholarships and fellowships
• Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation scholarship
Government Scholarships-
• Canada graduate scholarships
• NSERC postgraduate scholarships

Apart from these, there are institution-specific scholarships for brilliant students.

Employment Opportunities after getting a degree from a reputed Canadian University


Canada has flourishing economy, rich and diversified culture and high living standards. There are loads and lots of employment opportunities for the right candidates in this country. After graduation, majority candidates get selected by local employers and some of the top ranking employment fields are dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, computers sciences and business management. The payment standard of the Canadian employers are remarkably attractive too. The working environment is very much appealing with collaborative framework and fair working hours.

Organisation to whom you can contact for further guidance

Now that the above discussion has inspired you from within, your next duty will be to contact to the immigration consultants in Chandigarh. There are various study visa consultants in Chandigarh who can guide you as per your preference. But, one of the trusted and well renowned organisation in this regard is Avenues Abroad. They are also a visa consultant in Chandigarh who have numerous clients in India to whom they have guided excellently to permanently reside in Canada. They are very much true to their words and can provide you the best guidance on the basis of your study prospects so that you can reach your goal happily. On top that, this organisation has the world’s latest blockchain powered business platform with token investment.

In the concluding note I can say, that Canada is a beautiful country with a great range of healthcare benefits. The people there are immensely polite and you can have incredible opportunities to excel in your career.