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Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading

Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading
Before covering the effective Tips and Strategies for IELTS reading, it is essential to understand the General pattern of the section of the examination.IELTS Reading section is one of the four elements of the IELTS examination, the other three being Listening, Speaking and Writing.IELTS Reading forms a part of both the versions of the IELTS Examination, General and Academic Training. However, the content of both is different from each other. Whereas the former is more concentrated on General Issues like current Affairs, Social, Economic or even Cultural, the latter is more or less related to Academic subjects.
IELTS General Training Exam is usually given by individuals for employment or Migration purposes and the Academic Training is given by candidates looking for admission to the various Universities in some of the developed countries in the world like USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Every section of the IELTS exam is important for the candidate to achieve his target. The scope of the current blog is to understand the pattern of the IELTS Reading Exam and the Effective Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading that a prospective  IELTS candidate can imbibe in his preparation schedule.IELTS Reading is a test of a candidate’s Reading Speed, Memory or Retention, Vocabulary and most importantly Skimming and Scanning. These attributes play a significant role in the success of the IELTS reading exam and no wonder time management is critical for there are three long texts, that range from descriptive and factual to discursive and analytical. These verbose texts need to be read in order to answer the questions that follow. Source of the extracts can range from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines. These are normally the resources you are likely to face on a daily basis in an English-speaking environment. Considering the text is lengthy and one needs to manage time to accomplish the said task, there are Tips and Strategies for IELTS Reading that needs to be adhered to in order to succeed in the examination. The Exam format includes answering forty questions in a time span of one hour. One mark is awarded to each answer and the score obtained is converted to an IELTS 9 BAND SCORE, with scores reported in whole and half bands.
IELTS Reading Tips
IELTS Reading Question Types can range from Matching Headings, True or False Information, Identification of Author’s Opinions or Claims, Sentence Completion or Diagrammatic Representation. All these IELTS Reading questions are followed by multiple-choice questions from which the candidate is supposed to answer the correct option. Reading 3 lengthy passages in a stipulated time period of 1 hour is a meticulous task and requires a stringent strategy. Thus one basically sets out to find an answer to a simple question, ‘How should I prepare to ensure that the answers to all the questions following the comprehensions are accurately attempted and that too within Time’? Also, the IELTS reading strategies and the preparation methodology should be solely based on honing the key elements necessary to ace the IELTS Reading Sections. Vocabulary or Grammar, Speed or Accuracy, the candidate should be adept in each skill to achieve the highest BAND Score in the exam. Since there are two versions of the IELTS test, General Training and Academic Training the content of the exam varies accordingly. While the former concentrates more on general topics such as newspaper readings, magazines or socio-political topics, the topics of the academic are more or less concentrated on school or college books. Included are 5 of the IELTS reading Tips General Training and IELTS reading Tips and Tricks Academic.
1. Understanding the Exam Instructions the main  IELTS reading strategies
Whether it is IELTS Academic or General Training, understanding the instructions of the IELTS examination are extremely crucial. Most of the test-takes omit following the instructions, which costs them heavily in terms of their Final Scores. For instance, missing on an important element or a wrong interpretation can affect the BAND Scores drastically. Basically the rule of the thumb and one of top IELTS reading strategies and Techniques is understanding the question type. For instance, a candidate should know if the question to be answered in  “One word Or a Number”, ” One word and/or a Number”. Both of these are different ways and lack of understanding the IELTS Exam instructions can eventually hamper the candidate’s performance both in the section and overall IELTS Score.
2.Keywords Identification-One of Prime IELTS Reading Tips
IELTS Reading Tips General Training and Academic Training also pertains to the identification of the main Keywords. Scanning for apt keywords and using logical reasoning and paraphrasing skills one can easily seek answers. The leading IELTS reading tips includes recognizing the main keywords and observe prudence to avoid some of the compelling words which otherwise don’t qualify to be the main ones. Marking important adjectives, adverbs, and comparisons while proceeding with the reading section can actually be helpful in solving questions. Search for keywords like  Some, Few, Hardly, Similarly or  Preferable etc. are some examples and the names of specific people such as scientists, authors and experts as mentioned in the passage.
3. Build on your Vocabulary and Grammar
IELTS Reading Section includes excerpts from numerous sources and most of the time they use vocabulary as an aid in order to frame questions. Vocabulary is used in 3 ways, using synonyms of some words, using an explanation/description of a word/words and lastly by using synonymous expressions. One of the reading tips recommended to all the candidates is to build on their vocabulary. Any candidate who is strong in English Vocabulary is expected to do well in the IELTS Reading Section of the Examination. One of the other important elements of IELTS reading tips is the importance of English Grammar. Most of the students commit errors while using different forms of speech. Read a good Grammar book so that one is able to answer the question correctly.
4. Reading Speed and Time Management, Scanning and Skimming
IELTS Reading Exam is all a measure of Speed, Accuracy and Time Management. Forty questions need to be answered in an allotted period of I hour, thus giving roughly 1.5 minutes to answer a question. Considering understanding the 3 lengthy comprehensions one has to be extremely fast in not only simply reading but rather reading with accuracy. Thus it is not only the answering of the questions on time but rather answering the questions correctly. Answering the question comes with practice. If Time management is the skill that bothers you then I advise you to adhere to these simple IELTS Reading Tips. Usually, the level of difficulty escalates with the passage and I recommend you to answer the first comprehension early which is comparatively easy and then move on to difficult and time-consuming processes later on. Skimming and Scanning is a technique followed to solve certain IELTS question types. It is one of the greatest IELTS reading strategies for it avoids the candidate to spend too much time on reading and the student can view the text in a couple of minutes and then locate the answers from the passage.
5.Practice IELTS Reading Tests/Transfer Answers
Whether it is IELTS Reading Test General Training or IELTS Reading Tests Academic Training, there is no denying the fact that practice forms the basis for a thorough IELTS preparation.IELTS reading strategies are in vain if not accompanied by focussed practice. We recommend the candidates to read on a daily basis a minimum of one passage and answer the questions. Read on a daily basis and seek to improve your command over the Language. Answering the questions in simulated exam-like conditions and solving similar questions as those which appear in the exams makes the candidate comprehend the reading concepts most effectively. Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully while transferring the answers on the sheet.
Following IELTS Reading Tips and adhering to IELTS Reading Strategies is all that you need to get to success in the section of the exam. Most of the candidates appear for the IELTS examination while pursuing their respective courses or being a part of their respective professions. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that they face a crunch in the time available at hand. Guidance under a mentor is always an added benefit as it leads to systematic coaching. Avenues Abroad are one of the best IELTS coaching Institutes in Chandigarh. Study Material accompanies an elaborative manual consisting of comprehensive coverage of Vocabulary, Grammar, Tips and Tricks and most importantly practice tests for the candidates to strengthen their respective concepts. The doubt clearing sessions are exhaustive and the students are constantly encouraged to share ideas. Avenues Abroad, in other words, is a one-stop solution for all the candidates desirous of enhancing their Reading Skills. The above 5 tips boost the candidate’s acumen to enable him to score high in the Reading section of the IELTS exam.