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Top 5 Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

List of Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand recently has recently become a hub for acquiring quality education among overseas students. It is a fast emerging destination among Indian students for quality education and a conducive learning environment. Over the past years, New Zealand has witnessed consistent growth in the number of overseas students preferring New Zealand as a study abroad destination over other countries. The study programs have to meet the regulatory standards as set by the government of New Zealand and undergo tight quality checks. Similarly, the non-university education programs need to seek approval from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). A government entity is entrusted with the task of assessment of qualifications came into being through the Education Act. International students should be careful in the choice of their respective programs as admission to an unrecognized university shall ultimately lead to the denial of the student visa.

Financial constraints are always the prime reason why students avoid seeking an overseas career. The candidate who is keen to receive a quality education, with an affordable fee structure should consider studying in New Zealand
Planning to study overseas? Students aspiring to study abroad find it difficult to select country and university matching their interests and budget. If you want to experience the best education with affordable fees, you should Study in New Zealand. There is no apprehension that New Zealand offers one of the safest standards in the world. Besides safety, the country offers picturesque views that attract students from across the world. Low accommodation and study costs, accompanied by numerous opportunities have made the country one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Before briefing you about the various scholarships and grants available for overseas students, it is important to understand why New Zealand is one of the attractive destinations for seeking higher education.

1. Internationally recognized Universities

New Zealand’s Universities and Institutions are internationally recognized and accepted. New Zealand’s qualifications are highly regarded by employers in the world. QS World University Rankings, 2019. The internationally followed ranking system comprises the overall and subject rankings for the leading world institutions in 48 different subjects and five composite faculty areas), alongside five independent regional tables (Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe and Central Asia, the Arab Region. All the following listed Universities find a place in the World University Rankings of 2019, a credible feat particularly impressive feat. New Zealand is home to many institutions offering career-oriented short term courses. Technology and polytechnics institutes offer such courses of different duration, that focus on the development of practical skills. Country’s higher education system has consistently ranked amongst the best in the world. Another great feature of the education system of New Zealand is that the average class size is small and the student is able to assimilate the knowledge rendered by the faculty. All the below mentioned Universities of New Zealand have received a 5* by the QS World University Rankings 2019

Below is the listing of the 8 New Zealand Universities along with their respective QS Rankings 2019

University QS World Rankings 2019

University of Auckland 85
University of Otago 175
Victoria University of Wellington 221
University of Canterbury 231
University of Waikato 274
Lincoln University 317
Massey University 332
Auckland University of Technology 464

2. Tuition Fees & Expenses

In comparison to the US and Canada which have universities charging exorbitant fees, New Zealand offers the ideal option for study abroad owing to affordable tuition and accommodation costs for the Indian students. Many universities offer degrees in various subjects that are affordable besides providing the students with modest accommodation expenses. Also, transportation and food are reasonably priced all over the country. The tuition cost varies from University to University as most of the University have the liberty to decide their own fees. The fees for international students can vary from $22,000 to $32,000 for a bachelor’s degree and between $26,000 to $37,000 for a postgraduate course. In the event one decides to choose a professional course such as medicine, engineering the fees are substantially higher. However, the PhD students pay the same, which is $6,500 to $9,000 per year. The currency used above is the New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) as their currency. There are many scholarships for meritorious International students, which are offered by the institutions themselves or the New Zealand government. We shall cover them in detail later on.

3. Best Learning Experience

As already mentioned above, all the 8 universities enjoy a 5* rating by the QS World rankings of 2019, the Kiwi higher education is acclaimed for their high-quality standards of teaching and technically advanced facilities. Universities have well-implemented quality assurance in their educational system to monitor and ensure the best standards for all the students. The teaching methodology is accompanied by practical which makes the student understand the skills in a better way.

4. Minimal Eligibility Criteria

Unlike the programs of other countries, New Zealand Universities have minimal entry requirements for admission to various courses. Thus it is easier to secure admission in a good university owing to comparatively lesser competition in various bachelors, masters or postgraduate diploma courses in New Zealand. The students with even passing marks in Indian Universities can seek admission there. Some of the other key advantages of choosing New Zealand as your study abroad destination is that there is no age bar for admission and secondly the student can pay the fees after securing the visa approval for New Zealand.

5. Safe and Stable Society

New Zealand is one of the safest country offering its people a great living environment. The Global Peace Index ranks New Zealand as the second safest and peaceful country. The people from New Zealand are mainly broad-minded and respect an individual adopted the lifestyle. There is freedom of speech and there are established laws that prevent individuals from abusing this fundamental right of expression. There is a reliable security force that is equipped to handle any type of crime.

Scholarships for International Students

The New Zealand Government and some New Zealand Universities provide a number of scholarships for international students who wish to study abroad. If you find the option of studying abroad as a dream owing to lack of funds, you are not alone. There is no doubt that studying abroad is a huge investment that not all can afford. Though taking on side jobs in the summer can cover up tuition to some extent, however as an International student one is permitted only a fixed number of weekly hours which are not adequate to cover your tuition costs.
There are however a number of scholarships and grants offered to prospective overseas students. There are various organizations that offer scholarships targeted at general or some particular courses in various universities. Thus if timely tapped one can win a full scholarship to study abroad for 2019. Many of these scholarships go unclaimed simply because of the candidates being unaware. There are two important things that the candidate should be aware of, first where to look for and second the right time to apply. Any delay in the application can actually make you lose on getting the much deserved financial assistance.

These complete tertiary scholarships by the New Zealand Government are offered to the International students enrolled full-time at a New Zealand. The citizens of the Pacific, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean as well as Commonwealth countries are eligible for these scholarships. Listed below are the entitlements accompanying the scholarships.
a)Full Tuition Fees
b) Living Allowance (NZ$491 per week)
c)Establishment allowance (NZ$3000)
d)Medical insurance while in New Zealand, travel to and from your own country and New Zealand at the start and end of your scholarship,
e) Travel insurance
f) Travel home during your scholarship (one or two trips home are allowed, depending on the length of your scholarship),
g Research and thesis costs for many postgraduate students.

The courses that can be funded through this scholarship are :

• International Development (MIntDev) at Massey University
• Climate Change Science and Policy (MCCSP) at Victoria University Wellington
• Public Health (MPH) at the University of Auckland
• International Rural Development (MRD) at Lincoln University
• Disaster Risk and Resilience (MDRR) at the University of Canterbury

UC International First-Year Scholarships

The University of Canterbury meritorious scholarships to the International students who have been achievers in their academic career. The UIC International First Year scholarship is granted to students commencing their degree programs at the University. The scholarship carries entitlement worth $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.The scholarship is usually granted to students who wish to pursue a Forestry Science Course at the University of Canterbury.

ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland

The University of Auckland offers Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) for well-qualified citizens of ADB’s developing member countries to pursue postgraduate studies at participating institutions of the Asia-Pacific region. The scholarship entitles the candidate with tuition fees, airfare to and from Auckland, Living Cost in Auckland, and health and medical insurance in New Zealand besides others.

University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships

The scholarship provides support to overseas students who intend to pursue a thesis focussed course at Masters level at the University of Otago. The scholarship entitles the student a stipend of NZ$15,000 per annum in addition to the waiver of 1 year capped at the domestic rate for Master’s study. However, the scholarship does not include services fee and insurance). Also, the University awards scholarships to provide financial support to doctoral students studying at the institute. The scholarship comes with the following entitlements:
– NZ$27,000 stipend per annum
-Domestic tuition fees waiver for 36 months (excludes student services fee and insurance)
– Professional Doctorates (DClinDent, DMA, DBA)

Both domestic and international students. are eligible to apply for the scholarships.

Victoria Masters and Doctoral Scholarships

The scholarships are granted with a sole aim to encourage the research at a postgraduate level at Victoria. The scholarships are granted to students who are keen to begin a full-time masters degree focussed on research. The scholarship entitles the candidate with $15,000 stipend in addition to domestic fees. However, the International students are responsible to pay the difference between the International fees and Domestic Fees. The Doctoral Scholarships are merit-based and the candidates from both New Zealand and International students are eligible to apply. The students from any discipline are eligible to apply. The scholarships consist of a $23,500 per annum stipend in addition to the domestic tuition fees for up to three years.

Scholarships for students in Culinary Arts and Hospital school

There are two premier culinary arts and Hospitality institutes in New Zealand (NZMA and NSA)located in Auckland and Hamilton respectively. The institution is known to offer a range of culinary arts, hospitality and business programmes for international and domestic students. There are programs that include 600 hours of internship experience and following a successful study, the regime allows for transition into an undergraduate degree. The students who are keen to apply for the scholarship they have to satisfy the following eligibility criteria

  • Students must pay for one year or both years at the same time.
  • Application by students should only be done through an approved UP Education Agent.
  • The student must be new and commencing study in August to November 2019.
  • The candidates who meet the eligibility criteria should receive an offer stating if the reward has been issued as well as a letter acknowledging the receipt of the scholarship.

The candidates should understand that the overseas study can be a quite expensive affair, but preparing in advance one can apply to a number of scholarships by various Universities and Colleges. These help various worthy candidates to provide financial aid to international students. The assistantships can be partial depending on the course and the institution. Similarly, there are many scholarships offered by the New Zealand government, and various private and public establishments as well. Unfortunately, there are many of these scholarships that are left unfilled owing to the lack of knowledge. The student thus should be attentive about all their details including the institution offering the scholarship, eligibility and their respective deadlines.