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Top Universities in Canada to Study Engineering

Premier Quality Education – Top Engineering Universities in Canada

Top Engineering Universities in Canada continues to be the popular choice among Indian students, who aim to seek admissions abroad. Choice of an Engineering School is one of the foremost decision that technology-driven student makes in his academic life on his way to a professional career. An increased number of students likely to flock the Canadian shores in the coming years to seek admission to these prestigious high ranking Canadian Engineering Schools. Trends have indicated a time and again, that increasing number of students are seeking enrolment for the courses that are influenced by emerging technologies. Several Universities in Canada to tie up with leading Industries, thus making the curriculum more relevant to the current job market.

Candidates should be prudent while making a decision for the choice of an Engineering Institution. Enrolment at accredited courses at top-ranked along with course fees and Financial aid opportunities are the leading factors that should be considered while shortlisting the Engineering and Technology Institute. International students should be extremely careful to ensure that the university’s curriculum matches with the Interest of the student. Managing Finances is one of the critical areas behind a candidate’s choice. Prior to shortlisting the course, the candidates should manage the funds for the entire period of their study. Candidates seeking to apply for scholarships should apply in advance, for they are highly competitive and are awarded to the most meritorious candidates on first come first serve basis. There are deadlines that the candidates should stringently be observed in order to enhance chances of admission of universities.

Q&S World Rankings 2019 – Factors that rank the top Universities in Canada to study Engineering

An annual publication of university rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) and previously known as Times Higher Education, the QS World University Rankings uses the pre-existing methodology while Times Higher Education adopted a new methodology to create their rankings. Home to 26 top-ranked Universities, Canada is considered an epicentre for advanced research in Engineering. QS World University Rankings. The rankings of the year 2019, are based on 6 indicators. Some of Canada’s best inventions have been a product of their elite universities. Whether it was the discovery of an Electronic microscope or Alkaline battery both can be attributed to Engineers. There are five factors that the candidates should consider before making a decision to choose his institution.

1.Academic reputation : The parameter that needs to be given the most attention is the Academic Reputation. This factor is based on the opinions of experts on the quality of teaching and research at a particular institution. Considered the world’s largest survey of academic opinion, it forms the basis for the institution’s sentiments in the academic community.

2.Employer reputation : Students will continue to perceive a university education as a means by which they can receive valuable preparation for the employment market. Candidates should seek to join an organization that has a reputation of having favourable chances of being hired by prospective employers.

3.Faculty/Student Ratio : A higher number of Faculty at the disposal of the student provides him with a better understanding of the content being taught in the classes. Besides it also provides the student with easy and approachable access to the respective teachers.

4.Citations per faculty : Research standard of an Institute is judged through important parameter citations per Faculty. The metric is calculated by the total number of citations received by all papers produced by an institution across a five-year period by the number of faculty members at that institution. The world’s largest repository of academic journal data, Elsevier’s Scopus database serves to source all citations data.

5.International faculty ratio/International student ratio : University should have diversity in both the student and the faculty community from across the world, which makes it an international brand. Besides, the institution should provide the students with easy exchange of ideas.\

Best Engineering Universities in Canada

Prospective students who wish to pursue their respective Engineering studies seek admission to Canada’s leading universities. The list mentioned below is based according to the 5 factors mentioned above. Listing a foreign degree on a resume opens a range of opportunities for the students following their graduation in Canada as well as the native country. Most of the disciplines in the Engineering segment are research inclined, which is the upcoming need of the Industrial segments. Students have now the option of enrolment into emerging technology-based engineering courses such as Robotics, Mechatronics and Automation in some of the prime Canadian Engineering Colleges. Based on the above six factors, we are listing the top 10 Universities in Canada for Engineering.

1. University of Toronto : Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto has transformed into one of Canada’s deemed institution. Ranked 29th by the QS World University Rankings, it is Canada’s leading university dedicated to Research and Innovation. Accolades have been bestowed on the university’s Engineering Faculty and Students for their immense contribution in research, teaching and leadership positions. Electronic Microscope, Pacemaker and Alkaline Battery are some of the many inventions of the University. University has six clusters namely Advanced Manufacturing, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Human Health, Robotics, Sustainability and Water.

2. University of British Columbia : The University of British Columbia has been consistently ranking in the leading 20 Public Universities of the world. Famous School of Engineering has world-class faculty and researchers who follow an instructional approach that is varied, experiential and engaging. The unique approach enables the students to broaden their thinking scope beyond books towards a fulfiling and rewarding career. University has myriad projects at hand, which enable the students to learn and discover new boundaries in subjects, thus contributing to enhancing their professional and community contribution.

3. McGill University : Canda’s best university encourages the candidates to make astute choices benefitting the community in general. McGill University follows a multidisciplinary approach to holistic and all-around education. The staff is extremely cordial and are always ready to help you with your answers. The main motto of the university is to encourage the students to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and to be willing to take risks. Faculty continuously encourage students to explore new avenues of support and to work collaboratively within McGill.

4.University of Alberta : With more than 4000 Undergraduates and 1500 Graduate student enrolments, University of Alberta’s Engineering School is one of the leading five Engineering Colleges in Canada. The Department is heavily funded by external sources exclusively for research. The funding enables the department to award students with many scholarships annually. Professors and Alumni since long have played instrumental roles in some of the pioneering discoveries of the times from the development of Sonar (First World War) to current research in energy systems and interplanetary exploration. The University professors have won accolades for achievements in delivering a quality Engineering Education for Long.

5.McMaster University : An Engineering Degree from McMaster Engineering forms the basis of numerous opportunities for the students to make a global impact. University fosters diversity and experimental learning in the students. Department of Engineering is heavily research- inclined and the students continue to stretch beyond norms to seek professional development and community engagement. Department is known to have been a pioneer in several key areas like enrolment of female faculty and launching of joint programs such as engineering and health sciences program, encouraging students to be valuable entrepreneurs, thus leading to international reputation. The department has been an active contributor to research in bio-innovation, smart systems and nanotechnologies to meet the big challenges facing our world.

6.The University of Western Ontario : Department’s Engineering comes with a range of diverse academic opportunities like the co-op and internship, to enhance your post-secondary experience. Department’s faculty and staff are always ready to answer any concerns one might have. Also, the department offers an accelerated program for the third year Western Engineering students. Admission to the program is highly competitive and only the candidates with an average grade of 80% or above (from their 2nd and 3rd years) are eligible. The Accelerated MESc allows students to receive a MESc within 1 year of receiving their BESc.Concurrent and Combined Dual Degrees programs are offered to allow the candidate to receive two degrees in comparatively less time.

7.University of Calgary : Department of Engineering is one of Canada’s leading engineering schools and beyond. The university’s enrolled students are all encouraged to think differently and come out with innovative ideas. Whether it was Dressfresh (Ready on the Go Clothing or creation of a motorcycle seat specially designed for women, the department has always come up with novel solutions. The Schulich department of Engineering aims to enrol and recruit Engineers who strive to achieve the very. The department fosters diversity and envisions to become a reflection of Canada.

8.Queens University at Kingston : The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science is responsible for all students pursuing degrees in the various engineering disciplines at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. All Undergraduate students are represented by the Engineering Society. Department of Engineering also offers a Dual-Degree program through which the students can opt tor an Art and Science program in addition to their regular Engineering program.The Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science offers the programs in about 11 disciplines. The first year is common to each discipline which means the students are not required to select a discipline until after they have completed their first year of studies.

9.University of Waterloo : With more than 36,626 enrolled students, the department of Engineering is heavily research-oriented.EyeCheck, an affordable way of diagnosing eye problems, and Suncayr a sun protection solution are two of the many unique inventions of the Department of Engineering. The university has always been at the forefront of technology innovation in Canada and has helped shape the future of its students from 120 countries with its programs.

10.Dalhousie University of Nova Scotia : The deemed Department of Engineering at the Dalhousie University shall equip the students with problem-solving skills, which are extremely necessary to seek answers to some of the challenging concerns of the current time. The department seeks to build a foundation for Maths and Science which are essential for success in any engineering career. The first two years are targeted at building the core concepts while the third year shall mark your transition into the core discipline. Admission to the desired discipline is competitive and is based on the candidate’s performance in the first year. Candidate can seek elective classes on the basis of the discipline to be chosen.

These are ten of the best universities in Canada to study Engineering. These deemed Universities foster exceptional learning and research opportunities to the International students. Whether the student belongs to any branch of engineering, one or the other Canada’s university has a course that suits the requirements. For prospective Engineering international students, it is best practice to check the specific department requirements for admission such as eligibility, deadlines for each semester (Fall, Summer, Winter or Springor as is the case) and the required application process which includes the submission of the application with all documents for admission and post the receipt of the offer letter application for the Student Visa. The admission to these Canada’s prestigious colleges is highly competitive and the candidates should apply it well before time to ensure their timely admission to these leading Engineering Universities of Canada.