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Visa Requirements in Canada

Canada is a really advanced country with high standards of living and enhancing opportunities to foster growth of a person both educationally and professionally. Due to flourishing economy and transparent policies of the Government, here, every single individual can have the fullest opportunity to explore. As a tourist, one can get easily amazed with its striking landscape beauties and splendid locations. The scopes of recreational activities are very high in this country. The greatest advantage that immigrants can avail from this country is the diverse ethnic population. Canada is the 5th most immigrant friendly nation of the world and it boasts of the safety, security and infinite opportunities that it provides to the international students, businessman or working persons and the tourists. But, to get your dreams fulfilled, you need to prepare and plan from the very beginning when this thought first strike your mind.

Visa is compulsory to go to Canada, irrespective of the purpose you are aiming for. But, requirements can vary on the basis of your target. For instance, if you want to pursue higher education, your Visa Requirement will be Different from that of Tourists’ Visa, even, Canadian Visa requirements can have some changes in case of businessmen and employees too. No, matter what your purpose is, we always try to be as informative as possible so that you get the best concept. So, in this blog post, we will individually discuss about the STUDENTS’ VISA, TOURISTS’ VISA AND VISA FOR THE BUSINESSMAN OR EMPLOYEES in a brief manner and depending on your purpose, you can start preparing yourself accordingly.



Student Visa Canada


The permission to study in Canada is validated by a Study Permit. It is to be remembered that in case of Canadian Visa, VACs Global Services are designated version of VFS.

Canadian Visa applications can be done both online and offline. There is inclusion of VISA PROCESSING FEES both online and offline. In case of online, one has to pay via credit card and in offline mode, demand draft is required in case if the payment is made at the High Commission of Canada and can also be paid in cash at the VAC.

Documents required-

● A valid passport- it must cover the intended staying period in Canada.
● Proof of acceptance from the designated learning center in Canada
● Proof of sufficient funds
● Passport size photographs- Image size must be at least 35mm x 45mm and must be a recent photograph
● Proficiency exam score of English language- it indicates marks secured by a student in either of these exams- IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and TOEFL.
● Immigration Medical Examination
● Statement of purpose- a student has to specifically mention about his reason of going to Canada and choosing a particular Canadian institution.

In case, if a student apply online, he must have a digital scanner as he may have to download some forms, print those, fill those and again upload those on the designated website. In case of offline, one should have all the original documents as mentioned above. During personal interviews, the interviewer can request the following documents-

● Your previous academic qualifications’ certificates
● Scores of the English Proficiency Exam
● Your plan to depart from Canada after completion of your higher education
● How you are going to pay for all the expenses while remaining in Canada

Way to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa

● Checking the processing time- Visa application takes 3-4 weeks to complete but, it is better to take help from Canadian Consultant website like Avenues Abroad and regarding this, we will provide you with sufficient information at the end of this post.
● Determination of your mode of application- online/offline
● Paying the processing fee- this is an additional charge upon VFS Global Service Charges
● Submitting your application along with necessary documents for obtaining the receipt that will contain your unique tracking number.


Toursist Visa


Being one of the hotspot international travel destination, Canada experiences huge number of tourists from different parts of the globe in every single year. To know the Visa requirement to travel to Canada, do continue reading below-

Basic Requirements for Canadian Tourist Visa

● A valid transport along with other necessary travel documents
● Having a good health and moral character is ardent
● A person must have that convincing capacity to make the immigrant officer realize that he has his family, home and job in his own country so, he ought to return in his homeland
● Having enough funds for supporting the stay and other necessary expenses in Canada

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Way to Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Both online and offline submission can be done.

Offline Submission

● The Canadian visa form and document checklist have to be downloaded from VFS Canada Website
● Flight and Accommodation bookings have to be ensured much earlier
● Supporting documents and cover letter is to be there
● Multiple entry visa option has to be chosen and a person has to apply for the VISA at VFS.
● At last, the person has to collect his passport

Online Submission

● A questionnaire has to be answered for determining your eligibility
● A GC Key and security questions have to be created
● Supporting documents and application form has to be submitted
● Electronic signature, declaration and payment via credit card are to be done.
● The passport should be submitted at VFS Canada for affixing the Canada Visa on the passport.


The documents and the mode of application is very similar to that of the above two types of Visas mentioned above.

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Visa Application Requirements

● Original passport having at least 6 months validity after arrival in Canada
● 3 colored photographs of 35mm x 45mm, 80% face size and matte finish
● Cover letter which includes all details of the applicant along with the other members who will be assisting the businessman
● Confirmed hotel booking
● Invitation letter/conference confirmation/exhibition
● Day to day tour planning
● Confirmed air tickets
● Salary slips
● If self-employed, then Shop Act or Moa or Deed will be necessary
● Original personal bank statement for the last 6 months
● Proof of sufficient funds in the bank details
● Income tax returns

Now that you know all the basic requirements of Canadian Visa for different purpose, your next priority will be to seek guidance from a Canadian Immigration Consultant. So, we are here to help you. There are so many immigration consultants in Chandigarh and even, you can specifically find study visa consultant in Chandigarh too. There are numerous happy clients of this online immigrant consultant which makes their success evident enough. They are the largest blockchain powered online platform and are helping hundreds of clients daily with their various immigration issues. They remain thoroughly updated with immigration information and thus, can adequately guide you.