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Why Study in Canada?


Before we start to get into the topic directly, let us assure you that from this blog post, you will be highly motivated to think about study in Canada for your higher education. Now, your question would probably be like HOW? Well, we are going to disclose here TOP 6 CONVINCING REASONS which can ignite your desire to study in Canada for your higher study purposes. We know, that there are other immigrant friendly countries too and the top 5 immigrant friendly nations are- USA, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia and CANADA is THE 5th IMMIGRANT FRIENDLY NATION. But, in spite of being the 5th immigrant friendly nation, why still, so many people all round the world come and settle here for their differential purpose? Not only this, Study in Canada experiences a huge pool if international students every single year. Want to know the top 6 reasons? Then, just grab a cup of coffee and keep on reading.

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1.  English- the prime language

The first thing that a student can think before opting to go to any western country is THE LANGUAGE ISSUE. Now, English is the most common and most accepted language all over the globe and Canada is not exceptional. There are few cities, where you can find many French speaking people but, English is the prime language here. Even, a student has to crack English proficiency exams like IELTS just to proof his potentials in English speaking, writing, reading and listening. Obviously, if you are willing to learn French in here, you can at ease opt for this, but if you are good in English, you don’t have to worry a second time regarding LANGUAGE PROBLEMS. Let us assure you with the information that all Canadian Universities offer English taught general and advanced degrees to all the students. So, CHEER UP!!!

2. Clusters and Conglomeration of Universities

Canada can be a ONE STOP DESTINATION to get enrolled to some of the top class Universities in the world. Every single university is specialized in providing specific courses and some of these educational institutions include-

  1.  University of British Columbia (ranks among the top 40 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education World University 2018)
  2.  University of Toronto(ranks among the top 30 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education World University 2018)
  3. MCGill University(ranks among the top 50 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education World University 2018)
  4. University of Alberta(ranks among the top 150 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education World University 2018)
  5. University of Montreal(ranks among the top 150 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education World University 2018)

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3. Great Diversity and a Cosmopolitan environment

Being enriched with ethnically diverse people, no student can feel uncomfortable to get accustomed with the friendly environment that this country can provide. You can at ease see many familiar faces of your own country so, you don’t have to be worried about any FRIENDSHIP ISSUES. More than 120,000 international students come to Canada every single year thus, automatically fostering a great multicultural ambience to thrive in. The greatest advantage that you can have from here is that, you will be able to increase your communication efficiency to a very dignified extent. Your introvert ism will completely get erased once you step in this culturally diverse land.

4. Safety and Security

This is the 2nd concern of a student just after the language issue especially when going to an abroad country for study is considered. One of the main attractions to come to Canada is that it is one of the safest country in the world for the fact that it has a very negligible crime rate. The people here are very calmed and the neighborhood is really great. The volunteers remain in duty all the time to guide the pedestrians to cross the road or to catch a cab so that they arrive safely to their home or destinations. Even up to late night, they remain on duty. Canadian Government provides ample healthcare benefits, free of cost and even provides many free short courses to the immigrants to get a job in this country. Isn’t this amazing?

5. Huge scope of researches in the Universities

If you are someone who is aiming to make career in the research arena, then, Canada can be an amazing hotspot for you. Here, the top universities have huge spectrum of researches that can awestruck you and if you really have the potential to invent something and make Canada flourish, then, you can have a very healthy career here after completing your higher study. All faculties of the Canadian Universities are exceptionally talented and they lead students through thorough experiments, practicals, group works and projects from where you can have so many thrilling experiences. All you need is to put your endeavor and integrity at your focus point.

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6. Incredible Job Opportunities

Canadian universities have strong international collaboration with more than 5,000 global countries. Generally, every student get employed by the recruiters in less than 6 months after completing their courses. If your academic performance remains excellent, then there are lots of opportunities that will outreach you on its own. There is no scope of regression here provided you have your willpower and determination to give out your best. Apart from this, the country is a very high-tech nation. Fields like nursing, medical, engineering, social sciences and environmental sciences have very high demand and growth spurt in Canada.

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